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El Salvador Adopting Bitcoin

El Salvador’s “Adopting Bitcoin” Conference as a Key Moment for the Bitcoin Industry

Emerging at the forefront of Bitcoin innovation, El Salvador is working toward achieving a level of financial independence and openness independent from a centralised banking system. El Salvador has paved the way for other nations to follow in its footsteps by becoming the first nation in the world to recognise Bitcoin as a legitimate currency.

To encourage worldwide collaboration and proliferate networking avenues for Bitcoin enthusiasts, El Salvador hosted the “Adopting Bitcoin” Conference over 3 days, between November 15 and 17. The event took place in San Salvador and at Bitcoin Beach and brought together members of the Bitcoin ecosystem from a multitude of states.

Uncovering the Objectives of the “Adopting Bitcoin” Conference

More than 110 speakers from over 30 countries discussed the most recent breakthroughs throughout the whole range of Bitcoin-related disciplines, including those pertaining to technology as well as economics.

In this setting, the presentation of the Bitcoin core engineer Jon Atack was a significant highlight, focused on technology and development, while the presentation of Mexican senator Indira Kempis will be the most famous name in the track focused on economics. The multi-stage event will be held in English, with Spanish translations provided in real-time for the most critical phases.

Bitfinex Pledges to Support El Salvador in Future Bitcoin Ventures

Paolo Ardoino, the Chief Technical Officer of Bitfinex, is one of the attendees at the crypto conference in El Salvador who gained the greatest notoriety. Arduino said in his statement that his company “would redouble its efforts to establish a free, unstoppable, robust, and open Bitcoin and technological infrastructure for El Salvador.

Overall, Bitfinex has committed to working closely with the government of El Salvador, which is currently mired in debt and is governed by President Nayib Bukele, to devise an appropriate regulatory framework for the cryptocurrency market and other digital assets in the nation. Ifinex, the parent company of Bitfinex, has agreed with the government of El Salvador to work together on developing a regulatory framework for digital assets and securities.

Adverse Circumstances are Met with Further Commitments by Bitcoin Supporters

While adverse market dynamics hindered the optimism around the event, there is a suite of conclusions that indicate the ongoing commitment of Bitcoin leaders and pioneering nations like El Salvador to still pursue the broader adoption of Bitcoin as a payment medium.

As the blockchain industry, as well as all the other financial sectors, witnessed in 2022, the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies declined primarily due to the Federal Reserve’s strategy of dramatically raising interest rates to curb rising inflation in the United States, which caused the cost of money to increase. Subsequently, the remainder of the decline was caused by a succession of events, including the bankruptcy of organisations involved in cryptocurrency trading and the collapse of currencies such as Terra USD. Large investors sold out these high-risk assets, precipitating a precipitous value decline.

“One Bitcoin Per Day” Plan Proposed by El Salvador’s President

El Salvador’s President, Nayib Bukele, announced that the nation would begin buying one Bitcoin each day starting with November 17, 2022. The use of dollar-cost-averaging (DCA) in Bitcoin transactions is widespread among the community, yet it is unprecedented for a nation-state. When Bukele’s proclamation was made, the nation possessed a Bitcoin treasury that included 2,381 BTC and had a worth of more than $39 million.

So far, Bukele has made it a pattern in the past to acquire a significant quantity of Bitcoin during periods of market instability and to “buy the dip.” This action would signal the end of a nearly five-month pause amid severe bear market circumstances and the collapse of Sam Bankman-massive Fried’s $32 billion FTX enterprise.

According to NayibTracker, Bukele made his most recent purchase of Bitcoin on June 30, 2022. At that time, he paid $1.52 million for 80 Bitcoins (worth around $1.33 million), which works out to an average price of $19,000 per coin.

Bottom Line

Overall, El Salvador’s “Adopting Bitcoin” conference serves as a reminder of the ongoing commitment of crypto pioneers and their belief in the long-term potential of this cutting-edge technological revolution.

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European Parliament hosts a conference on Bitcoin

european parliament
The European Parliament will host a conference on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.
The four days event aims at educating MEPs about new technologies related to finance and economy.
To do so, the event has been organized together with the European Digital Currency and Blockchain Technology Forum (EDCAB), a new Bruxelles platform related to Bitcoin and the Blockchain.
The conference will start next week and will see the partecipation of World Bank, IMF, OECD, Nasdaq, Blockchain.info, Bank for International Settlements, United Nations and Europol, among the others.
Syed Kamall, the event host, explained:
“I am pleased to be hosting the exhibition on blockchain and virtual currencies in the European Parliament. Legislators internationally are now looking at this area and how to protect the consumer while stimulating innovation.”
Unfortunately the conference will not be public, but it could represent a great opportunity and an important turn around for the cryptocurrencies ecosystem.
Also, this means that the most insightful companies and banks from all around the world are starting to understand the revolution that Bitcoin and the blockchain represents for our daily life.


EDCAB aims at helping shape a sound regulatory and policy agenda for virtual currencies and distributed ledger technology in the European Union. We engage with EU policymakers, legislators and key stakeholders on live and upcoming issues, addressing both challenges and opportunities.

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Amelia Tomasicchio
devcon 1

Microsoft to Sponsor the Ethereum DΞVCON1 Conference

The Ethereum DevCon1 conference is set to take place on November 9th in London. In a recently published blog post by George Hallam, the Ethereum team announced that Microsoft would be one of the sponsors of the first-of-its-kind event. MIcrosoft and Bitcoin have had a somewhat strong relationship since the American company started accepting it last year. Now, it seems that “Bitcoin 2.0” technology like Ethereum is taking some of the institutional attention away from Bitcoin. Vitalik Buterin, one of the founders of Ethereum, commented on the sponsorship:

DΞVCON1 is very excited to work with Microsoft and we look forward to having them in London.”Microsoft’s head of US Technology Financial Services, Marley Gray, explained more specifically why Microsoft had taken an interest in this international and decentralized technology event:“Microsoft is excited to sponsor and attend Ethereum’s DevCon1. We find the Ethereum blockchain incredibly powerful and look forward to collaborating within the Ethereum Community. We see a future where the combination of Microsoft Azure and Ethereum can enable new innovative platforms like Blockchain-as-a-Service. This will serve as an inflection point to bring blockchain technology to enterprise clientele”.

“Blockchain-as-a-Service” is a new term that we will undoubtedly hear more of in the coming years. Most everyone involved in the technology side of their business is familiar wit Software-as-a-service (SAAS) which has given rise to incredibly large corporations. In contrast, the service that the blockchain provides is removing the need for people and points of failure in the middle and back office. Smart contracts and blockchain-as-a-service obviously go hand in hand. What will be most interesting is if Microsoft’s potential use of Ethereum in their Azure platform is what finally prompts Amazon to get into the decentralized digital currency game. One can only hope.

Ethereum DevCon1 Is Bringing Interesting Companies and People Together… For a Better FutureAlready, it has been confirmed that not only will Microsoft be in attendance, but so will Nick Szabo. That is actually no surprise given that Szabo coined the term “smart contract” many many years ago and has become increasingly vocal on the internet as his pet idea has started to come to fruition. Smart contracts are a large part of Ethereum’s mainstream appeal, though the concept is still in the process of gaining momentum. The future prospects of robots and computers replacing humans for certain types of jobs has always been on the fringe of human imagination. The more you think about smart contracts, the more you realize that such a futuristic world couldn’t exist in a stable state without something like smart contracts. As panelists at the Money20/20 conference stated:

Cryptocurrency is the most natural way for machines to pay machines.

Bitcoin-inspired blockchain technology, of which Ethereum definitely is, has seen a lot of validation lately. Other Bitcoin-inspired blockchain technology like BitShares is also gaining traction, though not in the form of Microsoft sponsorships. Besides the fundraising and actual release of Ethereum’s Frontier alpha and a shaky first few days, the formation of a conference is a milestone that most “altchains” never achieve – not that there was any doubt that Ethereum would make it this far, anyways. After all, even Imogen Heap has even started using Ethereum, why wouldn’t Microsoft be next?

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Bitcoin ~ Hands On Code: Discover Bitcoin Open-Source Technology

LUISS ENLABS in collaboration with Bitcoin Foundation Italia and
Codemotion presents the first of a series of technical conferences
“Bitcoin ~ Hands On Code”.

The event will take place on Wednesday, 2nd of July, from 4pm to 8pm and enjoys the participation of speakers Thomas Bertani, Founder&CEO BitBoat Ltd, Guido Dassori, IT&building automation Freelancer, Luca Matteis, Semantic Web Developer, as well as Francesco SimonettiAndrey ZamovskiyNickolay Babenko in live streaming from San Francisco.

The mission of the conference is to remove friction between bitcoin and
developers, encouraging the development of an appropriate tech scene
around Bitcoin, an incredible open-source based technology, aiming to
disrupt finance and money as we know them today.

There’s an
enormous opportunity for developers, who are already jumping in and will
have a real impact on the future, contributing to this open-source

Jump on board!


16.00 – Welcome: Tobia De Angelis, Augusto Coppola
16.15 – 17.15 – Panel moderated by Franco Cimatti, Developer and President of Bitcoin-Italia: Speakers’ interventions
17.15 – 17.30 – Break
17.30 – End (Around 20.00) – Hands on Code, guided by Thomas Bertani, a developer with a deep expertise in bitcoin/blockchain and founder of BitBoat.net.

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Bitcoin Society CEO: Why digital currency is a tool for global good

(CoinDesk) The weekend before last week’s Bitcoin2014 conference in Amsterdam, 22-year-old Matthew Kenahan had a choice to make – one that he said was “probably one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make”.

Here was his dilemma: attend graduation after slogging for four hard years to get his degree in International Business and Marketing, or skip it to attend the Bitcoin2014 conference, where he and the organization he heads, the Bitcoin Society, were nominated for a Blockchain Award or ‘Blockie’.
I had my 91-year-old grandmother travelling up from Mississippi [to my graduation],” he told CoinDesk. He eventually chose Amsterdam, and was
rewarded with not only winning the award for ‘Most Impactful Charity’, but also for ‘Bitcoin Champion’ after Andreas Antonopoulos was unable to accept the prize due to a conflict of interest.

Tool for charity

Obviously, Kenahan’s ‘problem’ is a lighthearted tale, and nothing like the hard choices faced by people who are living hand-to-mouth in many regions of the world. In fact, he sees bitcoin as a tool for helping the less well-off and, under his leadership, the Bitcoin Society has sought to explore the charitable uses of bitcoin and to promote a positive image of bitcoin in contrast to its association with the drugs trade.
The main idea behind this is to show people that you can use cryptocurrency for something other than Silk Road. We’re creating a global community,
we’re trying to connect people,” Kenahan explained
As befits a prize for charitable work, Kenahan pledged to donate his 1BTC winnings to the Women’s Annex Foundation, which aims to build women’s digital literacy and increase access to the Internet. He tweeted confirmation of the donation that same day. For Kenahan, that transparency in donations is appealing from an accountability point of view:

[Bitcoin] allows you to create a unique address, for a very specific cause […]
we see both the incoming and outgoing transactions, and we can see that
it’s used for a very specific cause.

Those charitable uses of bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies, are already apparent from a human rights organization that works in Sri Lanka to homeless outreach shelter Sean’s Outpost in the US. Perhaps more famously, dogecoin has become a veritable charity fundraising machine, including the $50,000 Doge4Water campaign.

Image problem

More generally, the Bitcoin Society is devoted to challenging what Kenahan calls “misinformation” in reporting on bitcoin and to improving perceptions of bitcoin.
One of the biggest issues with bitcoin, and one of the things that hindering the development of our community, is we have this fundamental image problem that oftentimes stems from misinformation or slanderous articles,” he argued.

Future plans

As part of that challenge, the Bitcoin Society is planning a number of projects over the next year, including a new website called bitcoincourses.org, which will help to educate people about bitcoin, and a textbook buy-back scheme for US students.
Instead of selling your textbook back to the bookstore … and getting grossly underpaid,” he said, “what we would do is redeem that textbook for bitcoin. That provides a low-risk – it’s money you’ve already spent – way to get involved into a community that has more and more legitimacy every day.” Currently, Kenahan has big plans for expanding the Bitcoin Society team and is recruiting representatives from his alma mater Washington University.
We’re going to be set up in Shanghai, New York, India, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago,” he said.
For this self-funded bitcoin champion – Kenahan said he previously traded in the bitcoin markets – 2014 is proving to be a very exciting year indeed.

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Third CoinSummit to be held in London

The Third CoinsSummit is to be held in London this July. San Francisco was the acting ground of the previous CoinSummit convention that was held in March; as the second convention presented, this next summit will feature a series of panel discussions and speeches from bitcoin enthusiasts, hedge fund professionals, VC and angel investors, and experienced cryptocurrency entrepreneurs.

The information posted on the CoinSummit official site:

“CoinSummit London is a two-day event connecting virtual currency entrepreneurs, angel and VC investors, hedge fund professionals and others who are looking to learn and network in the virtual currency industry. CoinSummit will take place on July 10-11 2014 at the East Wintergarden London.”

Some notable speakers include Silk Road Equity co-founder Matthew Roszak, new Bitcoin Foundation board of director Brock Pierce, angel investor Roger Ver, and Maidsafe CEO David Irvine. Some of the others participants include Megabigpower founder David Carlson, Lamassu CEO Zach Harvey, eToro CEO Yoni Assia, and many others.

This 3rd CoinSummit, organizers are presenting a new set. Besides the usual structure, a special platform is being organized for a few startup companies. Coinsummit has informed at their site, that ten startups will be given the chance to present in front of the entire CoinSummit audience and will be chosen on the basis of the size and charm of the opportunity they are designing, the strength of the team, and their traction / metrics / achievements.

The summit is organized by Pamir Gelenbe, a strongly firmed crypto currencies entrepreneur and partner at Hummingbird Ventures. After the last summit in March, Gelenbe has stated:

“We hope to bring together entrepreneurs, VC investors and folks from hedge funds who want to learn about bitcoins as an asset class…we really want to focus on the business side of Bitcoin as we don’t think there has been an event like this before.”

CoinSummit has been the leading hand on taking Bitcoin discussion to higher grounds by cementing the bonds between the Bitcoin communities around the world and relaying trustworthy information to the media and business investors.

CoinSummit London 2014, will be held at the East Wintergarden and take place on July 10-11. Entrance to the conference is invite-only. Digital currency enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who wish to attend the event can request an invitation on the summit’s official site; applying for the presentation is free and the deadline to register is June 20.

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