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Our Latest Blog Posts about Bitcoin and the Blockchain

28/06/2017 No Comments

HolyTransaction Wallet: how to signup

How to signup on HolyTransaction Wallet? It is pretty easy, free and you don’t need any bank account or documentation. You just need to provide a username, password, email (one per wallet) and your country of residence. Follow this simple step-by-step guide to open your multi-currency wallet. Visit www.holytransaction.com; Click on the red “Signup” button; […]

easy bitcoin exchange
27/06/2017 No Comments

Easy Bitcoin Exchange: how to use HolyTransaction

Are you looking for an easy Bitcoin exchange? Holytransaction offers a simple solution for your needs, as you can convert bitcoin and other digital currencies within your multi-currency wallet. So, if you have a wallet on HolyTransaction or you want to open one, you can exchange your cryptocurrencies in a few minutes and without providing […]

debt notes
15/06/2017 No Comments

Kazakhstan’s Central Bank to use Blockchain for Debt Notes

The National Bank of Kazakhstan announced it is looking to test blockchain technology in order to sell short-term debt notes. In an official statement published today, the Kazakhstan central bank revealed its plan to launch a new mobile app that to sell the short-term debt notes to investors– denominated in amounts worth 100 tenges (the […]

syscoin wallet
12/06/2017 No Comments

Syscoin Wallet: HolyTransaction adds this new cryptocurrency

Do you want to open a Syscoin wallet? You are in the right place, as we at HolyTransaction decided to add this digital currency among the crypto available on our multicurrency wallet. So, from now on you can store Syscoin on Holytransaction, transfer them to any other wallet, and make crypto-to-crypto transfers from/to Syscoin, and ten more cryptocurrency’s […]

holytransaction security
09/06/2017 No Comments

HolyTransaction security: a new tool to improve your wallet safety

We released a new tool to improve your HolyTransaction account for our multicurrency wallet platform. From now on, if you didn’t activate your 2FA with Google Authenticator, you see a small padlock on the top right of your wallet, as shown in the picture below. When you login into your wallet for the first time […]

blockchain passports
09/06/2017 No Comments

Blockchain passports to be used in Dubai

A new project related to blockchain passports is being developed by the Dubai government and the English startup called ObjectTech with the main objective of improving security for the Emirate’s airport. A few days ago, ObjectTech announced that it is working together with the Dubai Immigration and Visas Department to create blockchain passports to potentially eliminate […]

holytransaction daily limit
08/06/2017 No Comments

HolyTransaction daily limit: how to increase it

If you want to increase your HolyTransaction daily limit for withdrawal and transaction this is the guide you need. This process is directly linked to the 2FA (two factor) setup, so if you want to increase your limits, you will have to improve the security of your wallet first. If you don’t have your 2FA […]

bitcoin all time high
06/06/2017 No Comments

Bitcoin all time high: Read here the possible reasons

Today, on June 6th, a new Bitcoin all time high has been hit. According to CoinMarketcap, in fact, the bitcoin price reached a value of $2,911.86, surpassing the previous bitcoin all time high of $2,791.69 set less than a month ago on May 25th. Bitcoin began June with a price of about $2,500, trading at […]

bitcoin demand
05/06/2017 No Comments

Bitcoin demand in Asia is more active than in the US

Back on May 31st, one the major Bitcoin exchanges in China called OKCoin returned to help improving the Bitcoin demand withing the Chinese exchanges after a period of suspension of transactions. As a result, more bitcoin investors are recovering their interest in bitcoin and they are driving the demand for the digital currency. So, thanks to the activation […]