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Our Latest Blog Posts about Bitcoin and the Blockchain

04/03/2019 No Comments

Six Cryptocurrencies to Watch in 2019

Following last year’s very well publicised crisis moment for Bitcoin, it’s very tempting to believe that the moment for cryptocurrency has passed. Confidence in these new technologies has waned significantly, and there’s a general understanding of how volatile the market is. But though it is still true that cryptocurrency is not as stable as more […]

What Are the Investment Returns on Bitcoin Mining
23/01/2019 No Comments

What Are the Investment Returns on Bitcoin Mining

You know about Bitcoin: The original digital currency based on blockchain. Every transaction is written to a shared ledger and verified by the rest of the network. Each set of approved transactions is a “block” added to the chain.  But you may have missed the buzz on Bitcoin mining. It’s not just for web geeks […]

4 places where Bitcoin can actually be used, Holytransaction
27/11/2018 No Comments

4 Places Where Bitcoin Can Actually Be Used

Bitcoin has transitioned into a stage of its evolution at which it is viewed almost entirely as a commodity. We discuss how to store it, compare it to gold, consider its long-term value, and generally treat it as a financial asset – even, to some extent, like a stock. This is perfectly appropriate given that […]

Beginner's guide to Bitcoin and Blockchain technology, Holytransaction
20/11/2018 No Comments

Beginner’s guide to Bitcoin and Blockchain technology

We are very happy to publish this beginner’s guide to Bitcoin and Blockchain technology provided by Bitcoinfy team. As you might know, Bitcoin is the first ever decentralized cryptocurrency. It’s  fungible, portable, divisible and irreversible. The Bitcoin was firstly invented by the name SATOSHI NAKAMOTO in the year 2008 and it was later published as an […]

Shares or Cryptocurrencies, Holytransaction
20/11/2018 1 comments

Battle of ROI: Should You Invest in Shares or Cryptocurrencies?

Investment opportunities are a dime a dozen in the digital world, but unsurprisingly, cryptocurrencies are among the most interesting prospects aspiring investors are looking at. Unlike their traditional counterparts such as gold, stocks, traditional currencies, and other, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain platform they reside on offer a chance at the big leagues for any investor […]

Ico: revolutionary way to get funded, Holytransaction
11/11/2018 No Comments

ICO: revolutionary way to get funded

Today we come back to talk about ICO, Initial Coin Offering. As we mentioned in our previous article here , an ICO is a way for companies to attract investors by offering their cryptocurrency tokens in exchange for support and funding. ICO are also similar to initial public offerings otherwise known as IPOs. Despite being just […]

Storing crypto at the exchange or in a wallet, Holytransaction
24/10/2018 No Comments

What’s Wiser: Storing Crypto at the Exchange or in a Wallet?

Exchanges are the entry gate for newcomers in the crypto world. Apart from direct deals which are pretty rare at the moment, these platforms represent a great option to get some cryptocurrency for fiat money. But are the exchanges fully secure? Surely, websites are pretty convenient and user-friendly as they are targeted on different traders […]

The Correlation Between Gold and Bitcoin, Holytransaction
03/10/2018 No Comments

The Correlation Between Gold and Bitcoin

The digital age embraces new technology and adapts to it very quickly. Nowadays, investors have an opportunity to diversify their portfolio with digital assets and not just physical ones. However, while digital assets have risen in fame in the last few years, their volatility and unpredictability have investors question whether or not these types of […]

VPN for crypto trading, Holytransaction
01/10/2018 No Comments

Why it’s necessary to use VPN for crypto trading?

Cryptocurrency is no doubt the latest innovation and revolution in banking in the world today. It gives people the power to take full charge of their wealth, how it is stored, what happens to it and so on. However, with new invention comes new challenges and as the world slowly but gradually accepts Cryptocurrency as […]