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HolyTransaction Staking Wallet DeFi
08/10/2020 No Comments

Earn Interest With a HolyTransaction Cryptocurrency Savings Account

Decentralized finance is quite literally taking the entire blockchain industry by storm. After a relatively slow buildup over the past few years, the spotlight has well and truly fallen on the cryptocurrency space’s ability to do what traditional finance does — but better. HolyTransaction, the world’s most trusted cryptocurrency web wallet, is making access to […]

blockchain media entertainment
27/09/2020 No Comments

How Blockchain Is Changing Media and Entertainment Industry

When people talk about the entertainment industry and media, blockchain isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to their mind.  Wall Street and eCommerce are way ahead of the entertainment industry in terms of blockchain adoption, there’s growing evidence that things could change pretty soon. As more and more use cases for the technology emerge, […]

Patoshi Bitcoin Mining
25/09/2020 1 comments

What Early Mining Patterns Tell Us About The Motives Of Bitcoin’s Inventor

The debate about Bitcoin’s inventor, known as Satoshi Nakamoto but otherwise shrouded in mystery, has raged for years. As Bitcoin continues to rise in value, this unknown inventor is presumed to have become a very rich individual indeed. When Satoshi invented Bitcoin, was he driven to profit, mining and hoarding early Bitcoin aiming to accumulate […]

Digital Token Development HolyTransaction
20/09/2020 No Comments

Digital Token Development: the Future of Finance?

The last five years have seen an incredible development in the blockchain industry. Because of its fast development, new and innovative ways of implementing blockchain technology and accepting cryptocurrency have emerged in the business world. One of the most promising developments is that of digital tokens. The idea of digital tokens has its roots in […]

10/09/2020 No Comments

How Blockchain Technology is Changing the Banking Industry Forever

By far the biggest threat to banking in, well, living memory, has been blockchain technology. More specifically, cryptocurrency, but we’ll focus on the technology as a whole since this is what has been driving the movement. All the tech companies in the world have been using it, including Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon, and a […]

pivx staking holytransaction wallet
31/08/2020 No Comments

Staking PIVX: Staking PIVX on HolyTransaction Wallet

Staking Coins: Staking PIVX PIVX is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency that stands for “Private Instant Verified Transaction“. It is a fork of another cryptocurrency, Dash. Like Dash, PIVX is also used proof of stake for consensus. This means that there are opportunities for earning PIVX just by owning PIVX. This contribution to the network helps fund […]

gridcoin grc staking holytransaction wallet
31/08/2020 No Comments

Staking GRC: Staking Gridcoin on HolyTransaction Wallet

Staking Coins: Staking Gridcoin Gridcoin is a cryptocurrency with ambitions of advancing scientific research. It was originally a simple hybrid of proof of work and proof of stake but now has developed its own custom mechanism blending elements of the two. New coins are created using Proof of Stake, but the number of new coins […]

blackcoin blk staking holytransaction wallet
31/08/2020 1 comments

Staking BLK: Staking Blackcoin on HolyTransaction Wallet

Staking Coins: Staking Blackcoin Introduction Blackcoin is a proof of stake-based coin. Blackcoin actually started out in life as a proof of work cryptocurrency but became a proof of stake coin after the 10,000th block was mined. Blackcoin claims in its whitepaper that it was the first cryptocurrency to use a pure proof-of-stake-based protocol on […]

peercoin staking ppc holytransaction wallet
31/08/2020 No Comments

Staking PPC: Staking Peercoin on HolyTransaction Wallet

Staking Coins: Staking Peercoin Bitcoin and many other early cryptocurrencies use a consensus model known as proof of work. This requires powerful computers to perform cryptographic problems that verify transactions on a blockchain. Peercoin originated an alternative to this that is used in many cryptocurrencies. Proof of Stake Originator Peercoin introduced the concept of proof […]