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Optimism, Bitcoin, Bank
23/03/2023 No Comments

Optimism the layer-2 scaling solution

  Optimism is a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that uses optimistic rollups to increase transaction throughput while decreasing fees and latency. The goal of this protocol is to give users a smooth experience while keeping the Ethereum network safe and decentralized. In this essay, we’ll talk about how the Optimism protocol works from […]

Starbucks, Blockchain, cup
22/03/2023 No Comments

Starbucks Announces the Pilot Launch of the Web3 Loyalty Program Using Blockchain Technology

Introduction of Starbucks Odyssey, the company’s first significant blockchain integration into its rewards program. Starbucks, the world’s largest coffee corporation, has announced the beta launch of Starbucks Odyssey, the firm’s first significant attempt to integrate blockchain technology into its current rewards program. The program will begin with a small group of members and staff in […]

NIgerias eNaira
14/03/2023 No Comments

Nigeria’s eNaira Struggles for Adoption Amidst Cash Shortages and Limited Infrastructure

The adoption of national digital currencies has the potential to transform the financial landscape and create a more equitable financial system. Yet, as demonstrated with the eNaira in Nigeria, adoption can be slow due to a lack of infrastructure and knowledge. Lack of infrastructure to support the ecosystem  The insufficient infrastructure to support the eNaira […]

Nft, Bitcoin
07/03/2023 No Comments

The Latest Craze in Bitcoin: Ordinals Become the Newest NFT Trend

Web3 has recently made headlines due to the launch of the new Ordinals protocol, which has sparked a lot of interest in the community. Yet, not everyone is convinced that this is a positive step for Bitcoin. In this paper, we will look at the Ordinals protocol, its relationship to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and its […]

Polygon Network
01/03/2023 No Comments

Square Enix to Launch Gamified Art Collecting Experience on Polygon Network

Square Enix, the Japanese video game publisher behind iconic titles like Final Fantasy and Tomb Raider, has announced a collaboration with Polygon, a major Ethereum-based blockchain platform, to create an NFT art project. The collaboration will investigate the convergence of blockchain technology, gaming, and digital art, showcasing the potential for novel applications in the fast […]

Gaming Industry, Blockchain, Games, Controller
28/02/2023 No Comments

Blockchain Technology to Revolutionize the Gaming Industry in 2023

Introduction to the Potential of Blockchain Technology Blockchain, the technology behind Bitcoin, is a decentralized digital ledger that records transactions across a network of computers. It offers transparency, security, and immutability, making it perfect for the gaming industry. One of the most significant ways blockchain is set to revolutionize gaming is through the use of […]

Blockchain, Computer, Bitcoin
02/02/2023 No Comments

Investigating the use of blockchain technology in digital identity management

Blockchain Technology and its Potential in Digital Identity Management Digital identity management is a crucial aspect of our digital lives, as it enables us to prove our identities online and access a wide range of services. However, current digital identity management systems are often centralised and controlled by a few large corporations, which can lead […]

energy blokchain box
31/01/2023 No Comments

Exploring the use of blockchain technology in the renewable energy sector and its potential to create a decentralized energy market

Blockchain Technology and its Impact on the Renewable Energy Sector The renewable energy sector has been growing at a rapid pace, with a growing demand for clean and sustainable energy sources. However, the conventional energy market is centralized and controlled by a few large corporations, leading to a lack of transparency. Blockchain technology has the […]

Man with Bitcoin, Mobile, Mining rigs
20/01/2023 No Comments

Heating Your Home with Bitcoin Mining Rigs: Pros, Cons and Real-Life Cases

Bitcoin mining is the process of using specialized computer hardware to validate transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain and earn rewards in the form of newly minted Bitcoins. This process requires a significant amount of energy and generates a lot of heat as a byproduct. In recent years, some individuals have started using their Bitcoin mining […]