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Ethereum, Shanghai upgrade
22/05/2023 No Comments

The Shanghai Upgrade: Enhancing Ethereum’s Performance and Preparing for the Future

Ethereum has come a long way since its inception in 2015. The blockchain platform has gone through several upgrades to improve its performance, security, and scalability. The latest upgrade, known as the Shanghai upgrade, is expected to further enhance the network’s capabilities and pave the way for the much-awaited Ethereum 2.0. The Shanghai upgrade is […]

Bitcoin, human, Display
15/05/2023 No Comments

The Role of Cryptocurrency in the Unbanking of the World

  Introduction: The Financial Revolution of Cryptocurrency The world is undergoing a transformative financial revolution, driven by the rapid rise of cryptocurrency. More and more people are beginning to question the traditional banking system’s ability to meet their financial needs, and they are turning to cryptocurrency as an alternative. With its decentralized and transparent nature, […]

Mining,Bitcoin, Coin
09/05/2023 No Comments

Flared Methane as a Sustainable Power Source for Cryptocurrency Mining

In recent years, the cryptocurrency mining industry has experienced tremendous growth. With the rise of Bitcoin and other digital currencies, mining has become a popular way to earn a profit by using specialized hardware and software to solve complex mathematical equations. The Potential of Flared Methane in the Mining Industry One area of potential growth […]

Gold, Bitcoin
24/04/2023 No Comments

Tokenized Gold Tops $1 Billion Market Cap Amid Banking Crisis Concerns

Tokenized Gold Market Cap Surpasses $1 Billion Tokenized gold has recently achieved a significant milestone, with its market capitalisation surpassing $1 billion amid growing concerns about the stability of the banking system and increasing interest in alternative investments. Tokenized gold refers to digital tokens that represent ownership of physical gold, providing investors with a way […]

Bitcoin, Transformation
19/04/2023 No Comments

ZeroSync and Blockstream Partnership: Broadcasting Bitcoin Zero-Knowledge Proofs from Space for Secure Transactions

ZeroSync and Blockstream have announced a new partnership to broadcast Bitcoin zero-knowledge proofs from space, marking a major milestone in the world of cryptocurrency. The two companies have joined forces to create a satellite network that will transmit zero-knowledge proofs, which allow for secure and private transactions without revealing any sensitive information. What are Zero-Knowledge […]

Bitcoin, Investment, Blockchain
17/04/2023 No Comments

Azimut’s €40 Million Investment in Alps Blockchain Signals Growing Interest in Blockchain Technology

Azimut Invests €40M in Alps Blockchain: A Sign of Growing Blockchain Interest Azimut, an asset management company based in Italy, has recently announced a major investment of €40 million in Alps Blockchain, a company focused on blockchain technology. The investment by Azimut represents a growing interest in the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionise various […]

Optimism, Bitcoin, Bank
23/03/2023 No Comments

Optimism the layer-2 scaling solution

  Optimism is a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum that uses optimistic rollups to increase transaction throughput while decreasing fees and latency. The goal of this protocol is to give users a smooth experience while keeping the Ethereum network safe and decentralized. In this essay, we’ll talk about how the Optimism protocol works from […]

Starbucks, Blockchain, cup
22/03/2023 No Comments

Starbucks Announces the Pilot Launch of the Web3 Loyalty Program Using Blockchain Technology

Introduction of Starbucks Odyssey, the company’s first significant blockchain integration into its rewards program. Starbucks, the world’s largest coffee corporation, has announced the beta launch of Starbucks Odyssey, the firm’s first significant attempt to integrate blockchain technology into its current rewards program. The program will begin with a small group of members and staff in […]

NIgerias eNaira
14/03/2023 No Comments

Nigeria’s eNaira Struggles for Adoption Amidst Cash Shortages and Limited Infrastructure

The adoption of national digital currencies has the potential to transform the financial landscape and create a more equitable financial system. Yet, as demonstrated with the eNaira in Nigeria, adoption can be slow due to a lack of infrastructure and knowledge. Lack of infrastructure to support the ecosystem  The insufficient infrastructure to support the eNaira […]