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Holytransaction, 5 Gold Trading Lessons for Today’s Cryptocurrency Investors
20/04/2018 No Comments

5 Gold Trading Lessons for Today’s Cryptocurrency Investors

For people who have traced the movements of Bitcoin since its inception, it’s hard to believe that it has only been around for less than a decade. As discussed here on HolyTransaction, the world’s first cryptocurrency has had a wild ride so far, from the downright bizarre (two pizzas for 10,000 BTC) to the extremely […]

27/03/2018 No Comments

Send to Bitcoin SegWit bech32 addresses!

SegWit on HolyTransaction We are very excited to announce that HolyTransaction has implemented support for Bitcoin bech32 address formats on its platform. You can now enter a bech32 address when sending bitcoin from HolyTransaction. When depositing, you can also transfer the bitcoins to HolyTransaction from a bech32 address. HolyTransaction is the first web wallet to […]

Dogecoin, Holytransaction
27/03/2018 No Comments

You can’t leash the DOGE

When ideas and community purpose matter more than the last fin-tech innovation. Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency, a form of digital money that like bitcoin, enables peer-to-peer transactions across a decentralized network. If you’ve spent any time on the internet during the last decade, you shall have heard of the Doge meme: the iconic Shibe, barking […]

Bitcoin vs Litecoin, Holytransaction
22/03/2018 No Comments

Bitcoin vs. Litecoin: What makes them different?

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, one name stands out from the rest: Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the gold standard upon which all the other cryptocurrencies, cumulatively known as altcoins, are evaluated. And that’s rightly so because Bitcoin is the most popular, the biggest in terms of market capitalization and so far, the one most likely to […]

20/03/2018 No Comments

Why Telegram is so popular in the crypto community?

Bitcoin can rightly be called the “star” of the past year, since its price rise attracted the world attention to the cryptocurrency market, which becomes inexorably popular from day to day. Questions about how to become a member of the crypto community and earn from it provoked the creation of Telegram channels about cryptocurrencies, which […]

12/03/2018 No Comments

HolyTransaction adds ZRX

How about opening a Universal Wallet to hold and exchange your ZRX? From today it is possible as we at HolyTransaction have decided to add ZRX to be among the many cryptocurrencies available on our multicurrency wallet and instant exchange. So from now on you can store ZRX on HolyTransaction, transfer them to any other […]

Vertcoin Wallet VTC HolyTransation
07/03/2018 No Comments

Vertcoin Wallet: HolyTransaction adds VTC

Want to open a Vertcoin wallet? You’re at the right place, as we at HolyTransaction decided to add Vertcoin to our multi-currency wallet. So from now on you can store VTC on HolyTransaction, transfer them to any other wallet, and make crypto-to-crypto transfers using Vertcoin along with 17 other cryptocurrency networks. All HolyTransaction customers can […]

09/02/2018 No Comments

Ten Years Of The World With Bitcoin Living in a crazy-crazy crypto world.

Bitcoin rose from unknown to mainstream recognition largely thanks the incredulous surge in value it saw in 2017. But then the price went down, sparking yet another heated discussion about the volatile unpredictability of the bitcoin. Nowadays, discussions are all at their all time hype, but worth just as long as the participants know what […]

06/02/2018 No Comments

Blockchain: the future of accounting?

Scrolling through this brief and meaningful infographic, provided by our fellows from Maryville University, we can get a glance of the immense and still unexploited potential of blockchain technology in Traditional Business contexts. One for all, Accounting. Indeed the blockchain creates a decentralized ledger of all transactions where all records are updates and accessible to […]