5 podcasts on Blockchain and Bitcoin You May Need Right Now

5 podcasts on Blockchain and Bitcoin You May Need Right Now

Several leading minds in the Bitcoin world share their knowledge on the cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology.
That is why we have list the top 5 poadcasts related to the crypto sector.

Listen to these selected 5 podcasts to learn everything you need to know about Bitcoin and the Blockchain.Click on the images to listen to the podcasts.

1. Khan Academy teachs Bitcoin

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that aims at educating people about several topics, including Bitcoin.
Some years ago, in fact, Zulfikar Ramzan, expert in computer security and cryptography, created nine videos in which he explained everything about bitcoin.

2. Andreas Antonopoulos talks about Bitcoin

Everyone knows who Andreas Antonopoulos is,and during this poadcast he talks about “The Other 6 Billion” or the 6 billion people who do not have access to financial services.

3. Erik Voorhees talks about free markets and privacy

Voorhees is a big name in the Bitcoin community as he founded the ShapeShift exchange.
In this podcast he especially talks about block size and politics and how important anonimity is.

4. Let’s talk about Bitcoin

Let’s talk about Bitcoin is a website where you can find all the most interesting and insightful poadcasts about the crypto world.
And, among their permanent host there is Andreas Antonopolous himself.

5. Gavin Andresen on EconTalk

Gavin Andresen talks about bitcoin, explaining the origins of this cryptocurrency, how new currency was born, how you can have bitcoin and its future.

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Amelia Tomasicchio
Amelia Tomasicchio

Amelia Tomasicchio is a content writer and marketer of Bitcoin-related news and fintech startups. She started writing about Bitcoin in 2014 and she graduated in Rome with an essay about movie industry related to Bitcoin.

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