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Seamless Cryptocurrency Exchange

Trade cryptocurrencies to your heart's content, make & receive payments, and manage your portfolio of currencies – all in perfect convenience and security. It's everything today's sophisticated crypto investor needs.

Surprisingly Simple

Powerful tools, naturally presented in an efficient and effective way. If you can think it, you can do it with our simple, straightforward interface. Clean, uncomplicated, and smooth exchange.

Advanced Security

Your money is safe with hot & cold storage backups and the absolute state-of-the-art encryption security. You can trust us to keep your information safe and secure with total privacy.

Full API Integration

Looking to build a wallet of your own? Or include invoice processing for cryptocurrencies on your website? Our API lets you do all of that and much more to create your own synthesis.

Manage all of your currencies

Fiat & Crypto, In One Place

HolyTransaction is your complete crypto-exchange marketplace, all in one app. Deposit any kind of fiat currency into your wallet and use it to buy and trade cryptocurrencies. Manage up to 30 different crypto coins in your portfolio within seconds.

Anytime, anywhere

Instant cryptocurrency exchange

There has never been a faster or more convenient secure wallet for all things crypto. Trade, manage your portfolio of currencies, send and receive payments, or simply HODL and become fabulously wealthy. It's your call.

Stake Your Claim To Tomorrow's Cryptocurrencies

Top up your balance with fiat currencies or buy more cryptocurrencies with a credit card. Now you can be a leader in the wealth of the future all from HolyTransaction.

Maximum Security Application

As the oldest multi-currency wallet still active, we can assure you that your money and your information is guarded by today's most advanced security measures.

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