From Bitcoins earliest days, the need for convenient storage and accessibility has been critical to the success of digital currency.

In 2013, cryptocurrencies truly began to take hold, bringing in new users by the thousands, and reinvigorating many peoples interest in the blockchain and related technologies.

The creation of these new coins was not without its own set of challenges, however. There were many options for Bitcoin wallets at this point, but for other cryptocurrencies, online storage was non-existent.

HolyTransaction was founded in February of 2014 as a way to solve this problem, and opened office in Luxembourg an early the following year.

Our mission is to make the most popular digital currencies accessible, storable, tradable, and secure for every user in our community, all from one single account.

Our passion in life is engineering products and features that empower people, and engage the world in the greater adoption of this new and exciting technological revolution.

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