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A hand holding a physical Bitcoin, with a digital Bitcoin displayed on the screen of a smartphone.

How bitcoin can help you take control of your financial future

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency that has gained popularity in recent years for conducting online transactions. HolyTransaction is proud to offer our users the benefits of using this innovative digital currency, including security, low transaction fees, and greater control over one’s own cryptocurrencies.

One of the key advantages of using Bitcoin for online transactions is its decentralized nature. This makes it a secure option for conducting transactions and protects against the potential for a single point of failure. In addition, each transaction is verified by the network of computers that run the Bitcoin software, making it virtually impossible to forge or counterfeit.

Another benefit of using Bitcoin is its low transaction fees. Because there are no intermediaries such as banks or credit card companies involved in the process, transaction fees are typically much lower than they would be with traditional forms of payment. This can be especially beneficial for those who conduct a large number of transactions, such as small business owners or online merchants.

In addition to these benefits, using Bitcoin can also offer users more control over their own money. Because it is decentralized and not controlled by any one entity, users are free to store, send, and receive Bitcoin without interference from third parties. This can be especially valuable in countries where access to traditional financial services is limited.

Another potential benefit of using Bitcoin is its potential for growth. Because there is a limited supply of Bitcoins, and the demand for them is increasing, the value of the currency has the potential to increase over time. This makes it a potentially attractive investment option for those looking to grow their wealth.

Of course, there are also risks associated with using Bitcoin. The value of the currency can be volatile, and there have been instances of large-scale attacks on Bitcoin exchanges. However, these risks can be mitigated by taking steps to protect your Bitcoin wallet.

At HolyTransaction, we are committed to providing our users with a reliable platform for buying and selling Bitcoin. With a user-friendly interface and low fees, HolyTransaction is the perfect place to start your journey with Bitcoin and take control of your financial future.

In addition to our exchange services, we also offer a range of other tools and resources to help our users make the most of their Bitcoin experience. Our educational materials and support team can provide guidance and assistance for beginners, while our user-friendly trading options are ideal for those just starting out with Bitcoin.

We are constantly working to improve and expand our services to meet the needs of our users. This includes the addition of new cryptocurrencies and features, as well as ongoing efforts to enhance security and user experience.

At HolyTransaction, our goal is to make Bitcoin accessible and easy to use for everyone. Whether you are a beginner looking to get started with Bitcoin or just want an easy and secure way to buy and sell the digital currency, we have something for you. Join us on our mission to help you take

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How the blockchain could help email security


Every day we send thousands of emails and such communication has become a daily routine and a MUST for any person and company.

But options to secure communications are not so common and strong. Also, the existing services are too difficult for people to use and they should use a trusted channel.

This is the reason why it has been opened the open source project called BitMessage, a service who helps to decentralize and encrypt messages and solves the problem of trusting a third party security authority. 
But BitMessage doesn’t use the bitcoin blockchain, but a distributed ledger created by the BitMessage Community itself. 

How it works

Thanks to BitMessage and its wallet, you will be able to create a private key and your contacts will receive a string that look like a bitcoin address. 
This way you will have a long alphanumeric string among your contact lists instead of email addresses, and you need a proof-of-work to send your message, even offline. 
In fact, BitMessage proposes a system where customer uses a hash of a public key that it is the same as the user’s address. “If the public key can be obtained by the underlying protocol, then it can easily be hashed to verify that it belongs to the intended recipient. The data exchanged by the user can also include a version number for forwards capability, a stream number and a checksum”, explained the whitepaper. 

Here you can read the full whitepaper, in which BitMessage is described as a “peer-to-peer message authentication and delivery system” platform.

The invention

BitMessage was opened in November 2012 by Jonhatan Warren, who also created PyBitmessage, or the official instant messaging client for BitMessage.

Technical details

Its source code use Python as a language and the Qt cross-platform application framework; OpenSSL allows its cryptographic functions. BitMessage is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
Unfortunately, it is not available for mobile devices.

Download the latest version here !

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Visa is working on a secure and scalable Blockchain

The American multinational financial services corporation Visa annonuced its “secure and scalable” blockchain project.
To do so, Visa opened a position for software engineers who have to “explore and develop technologies that are critical to the payments industry in the future”, as stated in the job advertisement.
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Job Description

The researches will cover three key areas: data analytics, security and future of payments, so the team will work on develop a sort of proof-of-concept for the Visa blockchain network.


“Working on Future of Payment research at Visa is a unique opportunity at a time when the payments industry is undergoing a digital transformation with data as a critical differentiator. We offer you the opportunity to be at the center of innovation in the payments industry and unleash the power Visa technologies and massive data in innovating the future of payment concept.”


The perfect candidates must have programming experience, cryptography and “competency in data structures, algorithms and software design optimized for building highly distributed and parallelized systems”. 


Visa partners with Chain

Some months ago, Chain raised $30 million in a new venture funding, drawing funds from some financial companies including Visa.
Chain is a a blockchain developer platform that serves an enterprise market.

The blockchain is no longer a choice

Previously, on December 2015, Visa Europe stated that “the blockchain is no longer a choice”.
In an interesting blog post entitled “Why 2015 was the year of payments”, in fact, they commented on financial technologies including the subject of digital currencies, by saying:


“2015 has turned blockchain into something the industry has to live with. It is no longer a choice anymore. Recent news speculating about the identity of its creator and the formalisation of virtual money as a commodity just makes it more real than ever before.”


To know more about Visa perspective on the blockchain, you can read the full post here.

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What is Mining Infographic HolyTransaction

Infographic: What is Bitcoin Mining?

What is Bitcoin mining infographic HolyTransaction

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Infographic: What is MultiSig and why does it matter?

What is Bitcoin multisig infographic HolyTransaction


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Infographic: The 4 Properties of Bitcoin

The 4 Properties of Bitcoin infographic HolyTransaction

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How to create a Bitcoin Paper Wallet


What you need?

  • Computer
  • Printer
  • DVD with latest version of Ubuntu
  • USB Pen Drive
  • Papers
  • Smartphone
  1. Download .zip of bitaddress: https://github.com/pointbiz/bitaddress.org and move it in your USB pen drive.
  2. Download Ubuntu at http://www.ubuntu-it.org/download and burn it on dvd
  3. Boot your computer with Ubuntu’s dvd and choose to run “Live”, without installing.  Now that Ubuntu is ready to use, disable internet connection.
  4. Insert your USB pen drive. Open the file bitcoinaddress.org.html and click on Paper Wallet tab. Remove your USB pen drive.
  5. Connect your printer.
  6. Go back to bitaddress and generate the address.
    – Addresses per page: 1
    – Print!
    – Turn off your computer and printer.
  7. On your smartphone you need a QRcode scanner.
  8. Scan your Bitcoin Address (or public key).
  9. Send the public key to your email.
  10. Boot your computer without Ubuntu’s dvd inside. Check your email and double-check if the Bitcoin Address is correct. To finish copy-paste the address and in your wallet and send the desired amount to the paper wallet!

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