How to create a Bitcoin Paper Wallet

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How to create a Bitcoin Paper Wallet


What you need?

  • Computer
  • Printer
  • DVD with latest version of Ubuntu
  • USB Pen Drive
  • Papers
  • Smartphone
  1. Download .zip of bitaddress: and move it in your USB pen drive.
  2. Download Ubuntu at and burn it on dvd
  3. Boot your computer with Ubuntu’s dvd and choose to run “Live”, without installing.  Now that Ubuntu is ready to use, disable internet connection.
  4. Insert your USB pen drive. Open the file and click on Paper Wallet tab. Remove your USB pen drive.
  5. Connect your printer.
  6. Go back to bitaddress and generate the address.
    – Addresses per page: 1
    – Print!
    – Turn off your computer and printer.
  7. On your smartphone you need a QRcode scanner.
  8. Scan your Bitcoin Address (or public key).
  9. Send the public key to your email.
  10. Boot your computer without Ubuntu’s dvd inside. Check your email and double-check if the Bitcoin Address is correct. To finish copy-paste the address and in your wallet and send the desired amount to the paper wallet!

Open your free digital wallet here to store your cryptocurrencies in a safe place.


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