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10 Tips To Start Security of Crypto Wallet With Less Than €100

Ten tips to trade crypto, Holytransaction

If you want to be a successful trader, you need to know about cryptocurrency wallets and different ways to keep them safe. Cryptocurrency wallets are more of software, primarily designed to store crypto keys.  Assuring the safety of a wallet is highly important to keep your coins safe on a wallet.

This post introduces you to ten advanced ways to protect your coins safe on wallets in less than 100 dollars.

Let’s get started!

Opting for Multi-Signature

Multi-Signature can be a great way to keep your Bitcoin wallet safe and secure. What does it mean? It is a process to decide the legitimacy of the transaction by verifying it from two to five people.

You can get access to the Bitcoin wallet, but the withdrawal of funds is possible only if 3 to 5 people validate the transaction. The multi-signature facility of the bitcoin wallet gives a user complete control over his money and leaves no scope for scams.

Two Factor Authentication Process

The two-factor authentication process is one of the most effective ways to ensure the safety of your wallet, as it requires two pieces of information to give access to the wallet. If someone tries to get access by guessing passwords, it won’t be possible without the other factor.

You can set up 2FA for your wallet in different ways. You can take advantage of Google authentication, which involves a six digit number that changes after some time, but you know it. As all wallets do not offer two-factor authentication, you can use a popular solution- biometric, which involves your fingerprints.

Gone Phishing – Email and Web

The crypto world has been a victim of  Phishing scams through Google Ads and emails. Therefore, you need to ensure that only those companies that have that have their domain spelt correctly, send you emails. Refrain from finding their web addresses clicking on Google ads. If a hacker manages to get your private key, you are likely to lose your funds.

No to auto-updates

Experts recommend to turning off auto-updates provided by crypto applications. Account holders can suffer potential loss due to application bugs. You should wait for some time after the releasing of an update to check if there are any bugs or not. Let other users test an app so that you can make a decision regarding the use of an application.


Updating your software is important. Your wallet can probably be the easy target for hackers if it is running on non-updated bitcoin software. The updated version of wallet software will have advanced security features, which can protect your Bitcoins in a better way. You will be able to evade big security crises by updating your software with the latest security fixes and protocol. Update your mobile systems, computer operating systems and software to tighten the safety of your cryptos.


By encrypting your particular folder, file, or message, you add an extra layer of security to it, which can not be unlocked easily. To put it simply, encryption means using the password to access a Bitcoin wallet. Encryption is highly effective when you use a desktop, mobile, or hardware wallet, as it can protect you from online rogues. Using the strong password is not just important, as you need to memorize it well because the password recovery mechanism is weak in the Bitcoin’s case.

Hardware Wallet Storage or Offline Mode

Another great way to secure your Bitcoin wallet is storing the Bitcoin values in a hardware wallet or you can say cold storage. This storage is similar to USB drives. You do not even require a link to the internet as it is an offline method.

Make sure you do not store a large amount of cryptocurrency in cold storage. Divide the amount into two parts. You can keep a small amount online for trading purposes while keeping the second amount stored in the hardware wallet-offline.

Keep a Highly Secure Offsite Backup

What will you do if you can no longer access your wallet due to a technical issue in your computer? Nothing but you will lose your Bitcoins. You probably have had recovered your coins if you had a backup of your wallet. Therefore, multiple backups of wallets stored in different locations are important.

Backups vary according to wallets. You will be able to backup after every transaction for some wallets or after 100 transactions for others while updating your wallet with the latest private keys, required to access the wallet.

Store Private Keys Offline

You can enhance the security of your Bitcoin wallet by keeping private keys offline. A Bitcoin involve the use of Public keys for transferring Bitcoins. You can also check your account balance using public keys. Moreover, you need public keys to govern payments from your Bitcoin wallet.

So if anyone is able to access your private keys, you can lose your coins. Therefore, you need to remove private keys and store in another computer, not connected to the internet. This will keep your wallet safe from online malware and hackers.

Use a Dedicated Hardware

You can make safer Bitcoin transactions using a dedicated hardware. A dedicated USB key minimizes the data exposure to viruses during the movement of data from an online wallet to a hardware wallet.

The crypto industry is booming with so many cryptos coming live every day. The complexity of the Blockchain, mining pools, and wallets is important to understand prior to trading. Though you get a ton of options when it comes to a crypto wallet, selecting the right one can make or break you as an investor.

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Visa will test the Blockchain


Visa will test the Blockchain

London payment giant Visa will test the blockchain to improve interbank payments. 
In fact, Visa Europe Collab announced today that its innovation lab started to test the distributed ledger with BTL Group.
Together the companies will try to explore how the blockchain and smart contracts can be useful for transactions among banks.
In the press release, co-founder of Visa Europe Collab, Hendrik Kleinsmiede, explained that the two partners wants European banks to join their program to use the technology for live payments.
“We’ll work closely together on the development and implementation of the PoC, ensuring that all participants come away with new knowledge and insight into the role that the blockchain could play in interbank settlements in the future.”
According to an article published on the Financial Times, Visa and BTL will try to finish the project within 100 days.
This is not the first project that sees Visa Europe Collab using the blockchain.

In July, Visa revealed a micropayments trial and a project to extend the reach of traditional payments.

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IBM announces its new cloud Blockchain Security Service

Today (July 15, 2016) IBM announces its new cloud Blockchain Security Service that aims at helping businesses test and run blockchain projects for private applications.
Defined as the “IBM secure blockchain cloud environment”, this project is a new integration of the IBM’s existing blockchain cloud service.
However, the company goal is to increase the security of private blockchain services running in the cloud. 
Donna Dillenberger recently commented how the cloud environment – thanks to the IBM LinuxOne server – could protect valuable data on a private blockchain.
She explained to Coindesk:
“The cloud is made up of a special hardware that protects the blockchain from hacks, from people who have unethically compromised root users or system administrator credentials.”
Using this safe network, blockchain applications built through the IBM blockchain are signed and encrypted so it is impossible for a malware to install itself on this platform. 
This project is currently in a limited beta version.

Cloud Blockchain Security Service

This is not the first time we read news related to IBM and blockchain services.
In fact, previously this company announced its project for an artificial intelligence called Watson to be created thanks to the blockchain. You can read the full news by clicking here.
Also, IBM is so enthusiastic about this technology that Director John Wolpert commented “We’re All in on Blockchain”, during an important Blockchain Conference held in San Francisco on February 12nd, 2016.

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Bitcoin, the trust chain that banks and governments cannot corrupt


Bitcoin is a trustless money

For centuries the use of money evolved according to available technologies and society needs. Bitcoin is a currency and each currency is information.
The information must be exchanged, only this way it can be recognized and associated with a value, especially in today’s world drawn as a network.

How trust can be betrayed

Problems arise when – while exchanging information – there are intermediaries who betray the trust, for example:
1 .central banks, if it inflates the currency (es. quantitative easing, or a tool to inject more liquidity into the market in order to indirectly encourage households and consumer businesses);
2. banks, if they fail, taking away our funds on current accounts (see bail-in or, in case of failure, no longer pays the state, but shareholders , creditors and depositors);
3. governments, if it confiscates assets or block transfers (Amato government in ’92) ;
4. national currency, if it is accepted everywhere (or if it is excluded from a stronger system, for example euro ) ;
5. privacy, if it is violated during the online shopping;
Whoever believes in a cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, knows that history (Argentina, Cyprus, Greece, etc.) has already shown that it is not possible to have confidence in all these linked subjects, because each one carries its own interests.
A centralized entity can actually change, omit or delete any data that passes through its control, since in these entities work people that have a corruptible nature.

What is the “pre-trust” ?

Now, not only friction, costs and transaction times can be reduced, but corruption can be eliminated too. It is virtually impossible to corrupt the ledger: you cannot write on it, and you cannot change what other people write on it: it is no longer a human job.
So, if there is no trust, to have a secure system we need a network that can perform an action associated with a cost. Since you don’t know the other person you are exchanging the value ​​with you have to “pre-trust” in 3 basic elements: mathematicians, economists, technicians.
1. Mathematicians, with the asymmetric encryption, or the concept of public and private keys, you need to certify who is the true owner of the property;
2. Technicians, with the network that reaches consensus through the “proof-of-work” system, and valid the transactions before they are permanently written onto the blockchain, so it is no longer possible to repeat the processing fraudulently (thus solving the problem of double spending)
3. Economists, because of the incentive to earn money with bitcoin. For these reasons a public blockchain cannot live without the use of bitcoin if we want to have its maximum security .
All the above systems are designed to work together without the need for intermediaries.
Now people are starting to use cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, as a method of payment and at the same time entities that accept it are spreading quickly.
On CoinMap you can see the map of all the places where these exchanges take place. And, what is the infrastructure that supports this exchange? The blockchain.

Blockchain, the infrastructure that runs bitcoin

The blockchain – to define it in simple terms – is a timestamp, so it is only a consequence. The important thing is the protocol, the safe encryption with which transactions are signed.
It is not important the account balance, but how reliable is that publicly available data.
So far, paradoxically, it relied on the piece of paper in the hands of anyone. But the paper documents are now easily forged, to be trusted more if we read the declaration of property on blockchain .
Lavoiser stated: “Nothing is created, nothing is lost , everything is transformed .”
But it was a law that applies only to the material world . For the digital world , in blockchain format , the new law is : “Everything is created , nothing is lost , nothing can be changed.”
This article was originally written by Massimo Chiriatti on Startup Italia

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Blockchain to be used on the battlefields by Darpa

darpa blockchain

The most popular research projects agency for defence, better known as Darpa, is studying a method to create a blockchain-based messaging platform to be used for battlefield objectives.

This DARPA’s project is still just an idea, but it comes out thanks to a website post on its official websites. 
DARPA became very popular thanks to its revolutionary ideas and its goal of promoting emerging technologies. 
In fact, back in the ’60s, DARPA created ARPANET, a primitive form of what today we call Internet. 

The press release

According to the official press release, DARPA aims at creating a”secure messaging system” using a “decentralized ledger” to allow encrypted secrets. 
The press release explains:
“There is a critical DoD need to develop a secure messaging and transaction platform accessible via web browser or standalone native application. The platform separates the message creation, from the transfer of the message within a secure courier to the reception and decryption of the message.”

The 3-steps model

DARPA believes it will need 3 stages to bring the project to reality.
  1. Development: “built on the framework of an existing blockchain framework”, using the blockchain as a model;
  2. Creation of prototypes and commercial-scale versions of the network;
  3. Deployment


According to DARPA, this system can be used within the DoD offices to interact in a secure way.
“By doing this, significant portions of the DoD back office infrastructure can be decentralized, smart documents and contracts can be instantly and securely sent and received thereby reducing exposure to hackers and reducing needless delays in DoD back office correspondence. As an example, Military Interdepartmental Purchase Requests (MIPR) could be implemented using the secure ledger.”
The system could be also used for battlefield applications.
“Troops on the ground in denied communications environments would have a way to securely communicate back to HQ, and DoD back office executives could rest assured that their logistics system is efficient, timely and safe from hackers”.

Multicurrencies Wallet 

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BNP Paribas to develop a blockchain project

Today BNP Paribas Group has announced a new partnership that aims at allowing private companies to issue securities through the blockchain ledger.

The partnership is between BNP Paribas Securities Services and SmartAngels, a crowdfunding platform that will help BNP Paribas in a pilot project to be launched within the end of 2016.
According to a press release, BNP Paribas will develope and manage a ledger for shares in companies through the blockchain.
The main goal is to allow non-listed companies crowdfunded on SmartAngels to issue their shares on the primary market, and allow investors an access to the secondary market based on blockchain technology.
The BNP press release explained:
“Investor payments will be processed immediately and e-certificates will be issued to them straight away. Financial transactions made via the platform will therefore be performed simply, quickly, securely and for a lower cost.”

BNP Paribas believes in the Blockchain

BNP Paribas is not new in the blockchain sector.
A few months ago, in fact, BNP confirmed its belief in distributed ledger technology for financial purposes and announced that they were working on blockchain technology.
Also, BNP Paribas previously created their blockchain Bizhackathon, with the objectives of finding use cases for distributed ledger technology in the banking system.

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How the blockchain could help email security


Every day we send thousands of emails and such communication has become a daily routine and a MUST for any person and company.

But options to secure communications are not so common and strong. Also, the existing services are too difficult for people to use and they should use a trusted channel.

This is the reason why it has been opened the open source project called BitMessage, a service who helps to decentralize and encrypt messages and solves the problem of trusting a third party security authority. 
But BitMessage doesn’t use the bitcoin blockchain, but a distributed ledger created by the BitMessage Community itself. 

How it works

Thanks to BitMessage and its wallet, you will be able to create a private key and your contacts will receive a string that look like a bitcoin address. 
This way you will have a long alphanumeric string among your contact lists instead of email addresses, and you need a proof-of-work to send your message, even offline. 
In fact, BitMessage proposes a system where customer uses a hash of a public key that it is the same as the user’s address. “If the public key can be obtained by the underlying protocol, then it can easily be hashed to verify that it belongs to the intended recipient. The data exchanged by the user can also include a version number for forwards capability, a stream number and a checksum”, explained the whitepaper. 

Here you can read the full whitepaper, in which BitMessage is described as a “peer-to-peer message authentication and delivery system” platform.

The invention

BitMessage was opened in November 2012 by Jonhatan Warren, who also created PyBitmessage, or the official instant messaging client for BitMessage.

Technical details

Its source code use Python as a language and the Qt cross-platform application framework; OpenSSL allows its cryptographic functions. BitMessage is available for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
Unfortunately, it is not available for mobile devices.

Download the latest version here !

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5 reasons you should be bullish on bitcoin holytransaction

Infographic: 5 reasons you should be bullish on Bitcoin!

5 to be bullish on Bitcoin infographic HolyTransaction


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