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The newest Richard Branson’s Blockchain Event

The well-known founder of Virgin Group, Richard Branson has organized a new blockchain-related event on his private island in the Carribbean.
Among his about 40 guests there are: Beth Moses, engineer for the Virgin Galactic; Laurent Lamothe, former prime minister of Haiti; Jim Newsome, former chairman at the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission; and Elizabeth Rossiello, CEO at BitPesa.
This is the second year for the Branson’s Blockchain Event on his Necker Island, also thanks to the support of the mining company BitFury.
BitFury CEO Valery Vavilov explained:
“Our emphasis for this year’s gathering is to bring some of the world’s top thinkers from diverse backgrounds – civil society, [non-governmental organizations], business, technology, government – to this extremely special place known for free thinking and cutting edge innovation.”

Branson’s Blockchain Event

From 3rd to 7th June, guests will partecipate to this summit focused on three main topics: financial technology, security and global change.
Also, they will have a lot of networking time, a great opportunity to build connections.
Last year’s event generated some controversy about the lack of women, so this year the list includes several female experts who work in the blockchain field, as you can read on the guest list above.

Branson in Bitcoin

Of course this is not the first time Branson talks about Bitcoin.
A few months ago, during an interview on Bloomberg TV, he explained that this cryptocurrency is working well.
In a conversation with journalist Trish Regan about space tourism, Branson also commented positively on the future of the Bitcoin industry.

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