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Blockchain Revolutionizing Banking

Dutch Central Bank Tests Bitcoin Blockchain

Dutch Central bank presented the results of their digital currencies tests whose goal was to better understand the Bitcoin blockchain to adopt it within the main bank institutions.
After this test conducted in 2015 by De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), the bank presented the results earlier this month.
On 20th June Ron Berndsen, head of the bank’s market infrastructure policy department, explained to Coindesk:
“The general idea was that by adapting the Bitcoin software ourselves we could learn deeper how an actual implementation of the blockchain really works than if we would only perform desk research and go to conferences such as these, no matter how interesting.”

Dutch Central Bank test number one

To do the first test the DNB created a working group who acts as fictional participants in the digital currency world, as they want to replicate how the bitcoin environment seemed in the first two months of its existence.

Also, they sent each other several coins, testing the process.

DNB Second test

“The second DNBcoin prototype takes the other extreme of bitcoin by jumping to the year 2140, the year when the last fraction of the 21 million bitcoins will be issued,” said Berndsen.

For this second test, the team mined all of the DNBcoins in advance, beginning with a block reward of 1 billion of DNBcoins.

“In doing so we were able to generate 3 billion DNBcoins in 30 seconds. In addition, we observed that after all DNBcoins had been generated, blocks could still be mined and added to the blockchain. The reward was reduced to zero but transaction fees were still collected by the miner who finds the next block.”

Blockchain central bank adoption

Central banks are increasing their interest in the blockchain.

Recently, in fact, we talked about several central banks who studied, tested and adopted the blockchain.

For example, you may be interested in the news related to the Central Bank of Canada that revealed its new digital currency called Cadcoin.

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Japan Bitcoin Sun min

Why central banks need to study Bitcoin

japan bitcoin

 Japanese central banks need to study Bitcoin

A few days ago Deputy Governor Hiroshi Nakaso explained why central banks from all over the world need to study and focus on Bitcoin and blockchain applications.
During an event held in Japan, Nakaso gave a speech about many aspects of the financial environment, including bitcoin and the distrubuted ledger.
These were his words:
“The application of those technologies would also change the structure of the financial infrastructure that has been built around centralized ledgers managed by trusted third parties. Thus, central banks will and have to follow these issues closely and with great interest.”

Japan believes in Bitcoin

This news came after another important one related to Bitcoin recognition in Japan.
Some months ago, in fact, the Japanese cabinet recnognized the importance of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, so it aims at recognizing them as a method of payment, so the government is going to bring digital currencies under control of the Financial Services Agency (FSA).
Read more here about Bitcoin recognition in Japan.

Japan to regulate Bitcoin

Previously in February the Japanese regulators stated the decision to propose bitcoin among the methods of payment, so to define the digital cryptocurrency as a conventional currency.
In fact, Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) wants to make “revisions to legislation that would classify digital currencies as fulfilling the functions of currency”, reported Coindesk.

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Dutch Central Bank to develop its DNBCoin Blockchain

According to a recent press release, the Dutch Central Bank planned to develop a new blockchain called “DNBCoin”.
On March 16th, De Nederlandsche Bank published the 2015 annual report where they explained this blockchain project.
For DNB the blockchain technology will be able to improve its business, but the report doesn’t give details on the project, not even a release date or the goals, yet.
DNB only describes the projects as a “prototype coin based on blockchain technology” that “aims for 2016”. 
On the report the blockchain is described as a possible cost-saver in the financial industry, even if the DNB commented that it’s early to say what possible applications it could have in the future.
The report explains:
“Blockchain technologies can affect the revenue models of banking systems, they can also benefit with new ways to generate revenue and reduce costs.”
Payments and banking consultant Simon Lelieveldt commented:
“So when we now see central banks moving forward in the electronic cash domain (now conveniently labelled: blockchain/FinTech) it might be to no longer spin it off to the market, but to create a permanent digital replacement of cash. Therefore, this time it might be different.”

Banks and blockchain: love or hate?

Recently lots of central banks from all around the world are suggesting that the blockchain can be useful to release more centralized digital currencies, even if central banks declared that it is impossible to predict the development of cryptocurrencies without a proper legalization and regulation. 
You can read more about central banks and blockchain by clicking on the titles below.
Also, here you can read the ISITC Survey Results about the the financial services progress which gives also a specific forecast on how the industry will be during the current year.

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