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Why central banks need to study Bitcoin


 Japanese central banks need to study Bitcoin

A few days ago Deputy Governor Hiroshi Nakaso explained why central banks from all over the world need to study and focus on Bitcoin and blockchain applications.
During an event held in Japan, Nakaso gave a speech about many aspects of the financial environment, including bitcoin and the distrubuted ledger.
These were his words:
“The application of those technologies would also change the structure of the financial infrastructure that has been built around centralized ledgers managed by trusted third parties. Thus, central banks will and have to follow these issues closely and with great interest.”

Japan believes in Bitcoin

This news came after another important one related to Bitcoin recognition in Japan.
Some months ago, in fact, the Japanese cabinet recnognized the importance of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, so it aims at recognizing them as a method of payment, so the government is going to bring digital currencies under control of the Financial Services Agency (FSA).
Read more here about Bitcoin recognition in Japan.

Japan to regulate Bitcoin

Previously in February the Japanese regulators stated the decision to propose bitcoin among the methods of payment, so to define the digital cryptocurrency as a conventional currency.
In fact, Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) wants to make “revisions to legislation that would classify digital currencies as fulfilling the functions of currency”, reported Coindesk.

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