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Blockchain Healthcare Applications for US FDA

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revealed today its intent to study Blockchain Healthcare Applications.

The American agency who approves and regulates medical products announced its decision in a press release published by IBM Watson Health, that will team together with the FDA.

IBM will study how data from electronic medical records, clinical trials and health data from devices can be better shared and audited by using the distributed ledger.

To do so, it is not clear if IBM and the FDA will use a private blockchain or the Bitcoin one. Details may be published during next months.

Initial tests will be focused on clinical trials and real-world evidence data related to oncological data.

However, the two companies positioned the trial as one that could one day mitigate the potential of patient privacy breaches during electric exchanges.

The official press release revealed:

“By keeping an audit trail of all transactions on an unalterable distributed ledger, blockchain technology establishes accountability and transparency in the data exchange process.”

According to the press release, the IBM and the FDA will work together for a two-years period and their goal is publishing their researches in 2017.

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Philips announces its own Blockchain Lab

The Dutch multinational company Philips decided to open its own Blockchain Lab, a group of experts whose focus is the decentralized ledger.
After a half year of researches on the Blockchain, in fact, Philips announced its objective to use the distributed ledger technology for healthcare uses. 
Philips blockchain lab project developer

To do so Philips launched a call for developers and experts coming from the startup ecosystem who can submit their own CVs and apply “to work on several blockchain use cases”.
The call for talents from now on will be continuosly open, which supposedly indicates an evergoing interest of the company in developing new projects based on this disruptive technology. 
It’s always worth to remember that the innovation brought by the blockchain doesn’t impact the financial system only, but potencially has relevant implications in many aspects of our lives, including the secure transmission of information regarding our health.
The Philip Blockchain lab is located in the company’s headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 
Head of the Blockchain Lab, Arno Laeven, commented:

“As a company committed to innovation you need to constantly explore new and emerging technologies and their application in areas where they might have an impact and added value. Our aim is to learn if blockchain technology could potentially add value to the process of data exchange in the healthcare industry.

Previous Statement

On October 2015, Philips Healtcare interest was announced in a Twitter post published by Wayne Vaughan, CEO of the blockchain startup Tierion, who reported that his company has been the first blockchain project within the Philips research perimeter on the subject.
tierion ceo philips project blockchain healthcare

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Amelia Tomasicchio