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Europe Blockchain: € 1m to study the distributed ledger

The European Parliament might start to study the blockchain technology with a task force of € 1m. 
A member of the European Parliament, in fact, suggested to create a program focused on studying digital currencies and the distributed ledger. 

Europe Blockchain: a legislative objective

This news comes a few months after the legislative arm of the European Union approved a task force proposed previously this year by Jakob von Weizsäcker.
Von Weisäcker now asks for financial support to fund the program.
He explained that the task force should be organized in order to position the European Commission at the forefront of an innovative technology.
“This pilot project aims at creating a Task Force, staffed with regulatory and technical experts, in order to build up technical expertise, regulators capacity and develop use cases, especially for governmental applications, in the field of distributed ledger technology (DLT) as proposed in the Resolution of the European Parliament on virtual currencies.”
The task force project is one of the most important legislative efforts that came from Europe about the blockchain. 
“Too early hard regulatory measures would stifle innovation and hamper its potential. Waiting too long might lead to a materialization of systemic risks,” commented Von Weisäcker. 

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Regulators to allow Bitcoin in Russia

Russia’s Ministry of Finance revealed that regulators now wants to propose a new law to allow Bitcoin in Russia.
Actually, they want still ban Bitcoin in Russia for domestic use, but they want to use it as a foreign currency.
In a recent interview conducted by the Rossiyskaya Gazeta magazine, deputy finance minister Alexei Moiseev explained this move to limit the use of other currencies domestically. 
As Moiseev said, ruble is supported by Russian Constitution, so it can be the only currency in use for national trading.

How to use Bitcoin in Russia

“Can Russian citizens have a wallet and pay bitcoins in those countries where it is allowed? Why not? Therefore, we are formulating the law in such a way in order to allow buying cryptocurrencies for foreign operations and allow Russian citizens to sell bitcoins for profit reasons in foreign countries.”
This announcement represents a significant change for Bitcoin Russia.
In fact, previously Russian government wanted to ban digital currencies and to impose criminal penalties for their users, despite more positive notes from the Russian central bank.
Currently there is no law to prevent the use of bitcoin domestically, and Russia doesn’t want to limit the development of the blockchain, but only to prevent the Bitcoin use for national commerce.

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