Bitcoin in 2016: top news about the Blockchain

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Bitcoin in 2016: top news about the Blockchain

As the New Year’s Eve is coming, we decided to share with you the best moments of this year with an article about Bitcoin in 2016.

Involved in the best news about the distributed ledger technology, there are not only financial institutions and bank, but specially well-known companies related to countless sectors.

And his proves how the blockchain could be useful for a lots of use cases.

Microsoft and Bitcoin

For example, in 2016 Microsoft announced its involvement in blockchain projects related to security, identity management,  and a tool for developers called Microsoft BaaS.

Also, the worldwide company decided to accept Bitcoin among its available methods of payment on its online shop.

IBM and Watson

IBM was another company who dedicated much effort in blockchain research and projects.

Earlier this year, IBM revealed its new blockchain cloud service for helping companies in developing and testing the distributed ledger.

Also, it announced its revolutionary project called Watson, that together with the distributed ledger are “two technologies that will rapidly change the way we live and work, and our clients in Asia Pacific are eager to lead the way in envisioning and creating that future,” explained Randy Walker, CEO at IBM for the Asian area.

Bitcoin in 2016: annual price high

Bitcoin in 2016 also reached its annual high; and as the year comes to the end, its price continues to test the $1,000 mark and it seeks to set a new three-year high.

HolyTransaction in News

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Amelia Tomasicchio
Amelia Tomasicchio

Amelia Tomasicchio is a content writer and marketer of Bitcoin-related news and fintech startups. She started writing about Bitcoin in 2014 and she graduated in Rome with an essay about movie industry related to Bitcoin.

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