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White House Fintech Summit

The Bitcoin Blockchain officially reached Capitol Hill, organizing a White House Fintech Summit.
After an event with the American President technological advisors organized last month, now there are more and more meetings and speeches about the blockchain.
Also, a few days ago the White House was theater for a Blockchain Summit, during which there were guests such as Secretary Penny Pritzker, president for economic policy Adrienne Harris, director for digital currencies initiatives at the MIT Media Lab Brian Forde and Matthew Roszak of the Chamber of Digital Commerce. 
Held by the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, the event was officially called the “White House Fintech Summit”.
In the audience there were also representatives from companies such as Deloitte, JP Morgan, PayPal and Microsoft. 
President Obama’s special assistant Harris published a blog post with the conclusions of this event, you can read it here.
The article, titled The Future of Finance is Now was published on June 10th, the same day of the event, and it contains several ideas and thoughts about fintech and its implications such as people financial health and civil rights.
“Today at the White House, we convened stakeholders from across the financial technology (fintech) ecosystem, including traditional financial services institutions, fintech startups, investors, thought leaders, and policy makers, to discuss how fintech can help advance critical economic policy priorities”.
Recently CNBC said that Barack Obama needs to embrace Bitcoin and Blockchain soon, so maybe this is a good start for the US government to study and implement the distributed ledger.

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Amelia Tomasicchio