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Japanese Blockchain Consortium is growing fast

A Japanese blockchain consortium grew very fast and now it includes more than 1 hundred members.

Membership of this Blockchain Collaborative Consortium (BCCC) grew since its creation back in April 2016.

BCCC memberhip includes Japan Microsoft, InfoteriaMitsui Sumotomo Insurance, PwC, Bitbank, ConsenSys and more.

Also, the Japanese Blockchain Consortium announced that the 100th student from its Blockchain University program had successfully graduated – signal that the BCC’s plan to improve knowledge about the distributed ledger is succeeding.

In a blog post revealed today, the founder and CEO of Infoteria, Pina Hirano, explained that the Japanese Blockchain University is the only one of its kind within the country. He said:

“While the world related to FinTech and block chains is moving at a rapid pace, BCCC will add new members’ power and make activities more active so that domestic movements will not be delayed.”

Hirano suggested the total Japanese Blockchain consortium members are 109, but at the moment the BCCC website only lists 101, so maybe more members will be announced in the near future.

Japanese blockchain growth

During the last few months Japan has been characterized by its interest and study of the blockchain.

In November Ripple launched its own blockchain consortium with more than 40 banks with the goal of building a network to conduct cross-border payments. 

Also, in December the Mizuho Financial Group, Inc., Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and other banks helped Deloitte Japan for a blockchain test and research about inter-bank payments.

Despite the test, Japan faced a shortage of blockchain developers, as reported by Reuters.

To solve this problem within the country, the BCCC graduated two classes of students with 8 courses each, including “practical training”, “foundation of blockchain technology” with lessons about the bitcoin blockchain.  More classes will be added next month, but unfortunately this consotium blockchain class is only conducted in Japanese language.

To read more about Japan plans related to the blockchain, click here. 

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Amelia Tomasicchio