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US Postal Service to create its Digital Currency

Recently the US Postal Service (USPS) published a new document about how the company could create its own digital currency.
This press release written by the Postal Service’s Office of the Inspector General said that the postal company have to consider to use the blockchain for its own purpouses, creating a network where devices can be connected together. 
Released today, this report stated that the Postal Service should study how to develop these applications.
“The Postal Service could benefit from blockchain technology in the short term by studying the technology and possibly experimenting with blockchain-based solutions for financial services. The Postal Service already offers some financial services, including money orders and international money transfers, where blockchain could be an enabling tool, allowing the Postal Service to offer these services more efficiently.”

Australian Postal Service has already started to study Bitcoin

In March the Australia Post announced its researches about how to implement the distributed ledger for its own applications.
Postal Service chief information security officer and VP of digital solutions Randy Miskanic explained:
“As highlighted in the report, we will need to be cautious in specific implementations to account for technology barriers, security concerns and regulatory uncertainty. We will evaluate the use of blockchain for each of the use cases and further review the available opportunities while considering the impact of the technology and financial restrictions.”


One of the most important ideas in the report is the creation of a cryptocurrency for the Postal Service, called “Postcoin”.
That was initially suggested back in 2015 by Swiss Economics. 
Postcoin would allow the Postal service to solve money transfer problems worldwide. Also, this cryptocurrency could help the connection of postal offices to transact each other:

“…the Postal Service currently offers international money transfers. However, these services are currently only cashable in a limited number of countries. The flexibility and convenience associated with the Postcoin could potentially allow the expansion of electronic money transfer services to anyone in the world.”

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