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Who are the new Hyperledger Blockchain Project members?

Tech giant Samsung is among the new Hyperledger Blockchain Project members announced today.

Hyperledger Blockchain members

Together with Samsung there are 16 other new companies joining the project, including Cloud Security Alliance, Energy Blockchain Laboratory, Global Peersafe Technology Corp., Inuit Foundation – University of Rome “Tor Vergata,” Intuit, Investrata Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, iRootech Technology, MIRACL UK Limited, Netki, Nxt Foundation, Orange Magic Cube, Sany, Tai Cloud Corp., Union Mobile Pay E-Commerce, Wutongtree and Yunphant Blockchain.

Hyperledger Blockchain Project’s Goal

Hypederleger is a collaborative effort started by the Linux Foundation to study the blockchain aiming at supporting worldwide business transactions to improve many aspects of their performance and reliability.
Since its beginning back in early 2016, Hyperledger started accepting proposals for codebases.
One of the first was called “Fabric”, a codebase that united works by Digital Asset Holdings, Blockstream and IBM.
To date, almost 100 organizations joined the Hyperledger Blockchain Project members; and more companies will be added by the end of 2016.
Hyperledger executive director, Brian Behlendorf, commented:
“There’s been a tremendous response to our vision for creating an open community for blockchain technology and we’re proud to be celebrating this member milestone. At a growth rate of nearly two new members joining per week, I look forward to working with this growing community to further our open blockchain development efforts”. 
Earlier this month, Airbus joined the project too, together with Hitachi, Microsoft, Red Hat, and more.

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Samsung will invest in the Blockchain

The well-known South Korean giant Samsung will invest in the Blockchain, as revealed a few days ago by a IT affiliate of the company.

Samsung will invest in the Blockchain startup Blocko

Samsung, in fact, will invest in a blockchain-related startups called Blocko and Darktrace.
More details will be revealed soon, as well as the investment amount that is not already known.
Blocko use a blockchain-as-a-service platform called CoinStack, according to their website:
“Samsung SDS will increase competitiveness of its cybersecurity business and services by promoting sales of the differentiated cyber threat defense solution by Darktrace to Korean companies, as well as work with Blocko to support commercialization of emerging blockchain technology in various sectors including IoT.”
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