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Circle Payments through iMessage

Blockchain company Circle revealed its new project that allows users to send payments through Apple’s iMessage.
These available Circle Payments are in dollars, euros, pound and bitcoins.
The project began in June when Apple announced that it would open to third-party developers for iMessage.
“We decided to jump on it. We had been planning to build out a model for app-less payments using Circle that would work in all the places people communicate and interact,” explained Circle co-founder Jeremy Allaire. 
Allowing payments available on the most used app worldwide could help it have the largest transaction volume and become a payment platform that not only leverages the bitcoin blockchain.
“This is going to be a big part of the future, it’s all tied into the how do we make money work, the way the Internet works. We talk about photos and content and the way we do that is through social messaging, that is the core medium of the Internet for a lot of people”.
Thanks to this integration, people who download the app can open iMessage and enter into Circle by clicking on a new icon built into the chat app.
“One of the things that’s really cool about using iMessage as the container is it’s an SMS app, so it allows you to send the messages to any contact that uses any SMS compatible device,” explained Allaire.

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South Korean Bank to work on the Blockchain

One of the most important banks in South Korea revealed today an agreement with the most funded Asiatic startup of the bitcoin sector.
KB Kookmin, in fact, announced today that will sign a memorandum of understanding with the Bitcoin startups Circle and Coinplug.
Based in South Korea, Coinplug is also working with the same Korean bank to develop a blockchain prototype that aims at improving international remittance to simplify foreign exchanges.

KB Kookmin: South Korean bank to work on the Blockchain

According to Business Korea, KB Koomkin wants to promote businesses related to the blockchain field.
To do so, KB Koomking recently signed another agreement to work on distributed ledger applications for mobile device certification.
Talking about Circle, recently this startup revelaed a $60m fundraise received from several Chinese investors. This way it became one of the best funded startup in the Asian cryptocurrency market.
“We are excited to work with the top tech companies in London, a hub of the FinTech industry. KB Kookmin Bank will strive to provide our customers with new experience by adopting cutting-edge technologies,” explained a KB Kookmin representative.

Universal wallet

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