Siemens Blockchain project for artificial intelligence

Siemens Blockchain project for artificial intelligence

A few days ago the tech-giant Siemens revealed its new plan to invest in blockchain startups to develop an environment for forward-looking fields such as artificial intelligence and decentralized electrification. 
“Siemens will set up a separate unit to foster disruptive ideas more vigorously and to accelerate the development of new technologies. The unit’s name, “next47,” plays on the fact that Siemens was founded in 1847”.
The German company, in fact, plans to found the so-called “next47” as a separate unit for startups, investing a $1.1bn in capital to be spent in a five-year period.

Siemens blockchain project

In the press release, Siemens specified that the new project might involve the distributed ledger, or the technology behind bitcoin.
“The new unit will also concern itself with so-called blockchain applications that are designed to make data transfer in industry and in energy trading, for example, simpler and more secure”.
More info about the Siemens blockchain project will be announced soon. Stay tuned on the HolyTransaction blog.

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siemens blockchain
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