Chainthon – The Bitcoin and Blockchain Hackathon in Athens, Greece

Chainthon – The Bitcoin and Blockchain Hackathon in Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece is about to have its first Bitcoin and Blockchain Hackathon, aptly named the Chainthon, on October 17th. The hackathon is a direct response to growing support for Bitcoin as well as growing pressures on the local financial system. The Hellenic Bitcoin community explained their situation in a press release:

This year, we are witnessing an economic crisis escalate into a humanitarian crisis. Hundreds of thousands are fleeing the war in the Middle East in search of a better life, only to find different obstacles in Europe. Many of the countries they travel through are facing a severe economic crisis, making it difficult to transfer money or receive donations.

The refugee issue facing much of Europe has reignited age-old tensions between ethnic groups that have been at odds for centuries. The growing amount of forcefully or willfully unbanked refugees and ex-pats is an immediate use case for Bitcoin technology. However, it is almost certainly the latter group of ex-pats, not refugees, that are currently taking advantage of Bitcoin. George Papageorgiou, the organizer of the event, laid out the main goal of the event:

The Hellenic Bitcoin community is hosting a hackathon aiming to increase awareness locally and tackling the more prevalent issue of value transfer in situations of socioeconomic crises. We will try to hack together, a practical and accessible system that can transfer donations to anyone without requiring a lot of education or an intermediary.
HolyTransaction is a digital currency company that believes in the promise of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. International payments, transfers, and people are our audience. As we’ve noted before, the Greek area is unique poised to benefit from the promise of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies because of recent economic crises and also the new escalating pressures.
Introducing newcomers, especially those with strong developing and coding skills, to Bitcoin is a crucial service that cannot be promoted enough. HolyTransaction believes that people just finding out about Bitcoin should focus heavily on education. Read the whitepaper! Check out good Bitcoin videos, as it’s often easier to listen to a charismatic speaker than it is to read a dense wiki.
If you are in Athens, please check out the first Greek Bitcoin and Blockchain Hackathon. HolyTransaction supports Bitcoin events and would love to hear about your upcoming Bitcoin or Blockchain hackathon.

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XTPosted on  1:20 am - May 28, 2020

That write-up is about as clear as MUD. HACKATHON?? Inviting hackers? because that is what that means. So to ‘raise awareness’ but make people feel threatened that it is an unsecure and unsafe thing to do by calling it a HACKATHON is just plain stupid. Whoever came up with that name should never work in marketing. Ugh.

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