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Italian Startup Helperbit will participate to the World Humanitarian Summit

Italian startup Helperbit has announced its participation to the Innovation Marketplace at the World Humanitarian Summit, event held by the United Nations on May 23 in Istanbul, Turkey.

What is World Humanitarian Summit

This event focuses on the daily problems that people all around the workd face everyday.

To do so, representatives of the government, local communities, international and humanitarian organizations are working together for a common goal: eliminate crisis and sufferings.The World Humanitarian Summit provides a great opportunity for worldwide leaders to help humanity in its difficult journey.

Innovation Marketplace

This particular event will show innovation, products and services that aims at improving people life. And now it also opened up to blockchain-related projects.

Among those startups, there will be Helperbit that use the distributed ledger to solve problems related to inefficiency, opacity and inadequate administration of the funds when disasters happen.

So, through the distributed ledger, Helperbit wants to make the flow of donations visible and transparent, so that the redistribution of money would be solved.

Helperbit is a natural disaster management platform that wants to help stricken people with a simple peer-to-peer donation system.

In fact, have you ever wondered what happens to the donated money? And what if it never reaches its final destination?

During the past few years, when a disaster event occurred, often someone talked about the fact that the money was gone and never reached the poor people affected.

Helperbit wants to solve this common behavior.Helperbit CEO Guido Baroncini Turricchia, explained:

helperbit ceo guido baroncini turricchia


“We are pleased that the United Nations identify the Blockchain as a promising research field, and that they considered Helperbit worthy of being shared as a positive application that offers transparency and efficiency in the management of humanitarian funds.”

How Helperbit Works

Helperbit platform was launched on April 20th, 2015 and since then they captured the interest of people because of their innovative project.
In fact, this is the first service that uses the blockchain related to the natural disaster management for peer-to-peer donations.
The platform launch was carried out a few days before the sad event that shocked Nepal, making present again the theme of donations – that due to bureaucratic delays, government seizures and delays – slower the aid and the possibility of support from volunteers and associations.
The Helperbit website is still in a “coming soon” phase, but in the meantime this startup is winning lots of awards, including the Blockchain Startup Competition held at the d10e in Amsterdam.
If you want more info or you want to help the project, here you can sign up.
helperbit team

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Amelia Tomasicchio