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US Department Homeland Security uses Blockchain


The division created after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, US department Homeland Security (DHS) uses blockchain technology to solve security issues.

First announced in a press release published in December, the DHS announced in June that it awarded a prize of $199,000 to the blockchain startup Factom that aims at using the distributed ledger to ensure the security of cameras that monitor US borders.

How US Homeland Security uses Blockchain

This way the blockchain could be helpful for DHS as it aims at building an identity for devices, or a way to extend the company’s ability to monitoring services and devices.

Data privacy program manager Anil John explained to Coindesk:

“The Factom piece is more along the line of these devices exist, but how do we build a picture of the identity of this device over time? The blockchain could be the catalyst that allow us to document the changes”.

Also, he explained that the company wants to learn more about the potential applications of the blockchain.

“For DHS use cases, the projects we’re funding are focused on proving or disproving that security and privacy can be supported by a blockchain-based infrastructure. It is much broader than IoT and identity.”

To do so, DHS gave funding also to projects such as Solarity Solutions, Respect Network and Digital Bazaar.

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