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6 Amazing Pictures about Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the money of Internet and what is the best way to communicate through the web?

Pictures, of course.

Thanks to pictures, in fact, we can communicate things that are very difficult to explain in words.

So, let’s see the top 6 of the best pictures about Bitcoin.

1. Simpsons accept Bitcoin

During the Simpsons episode called “Clown in the Dumps” you can see a big poster showing James Corky Jones saying, “Send me your lunch money online! – Accepting Bitcoin”.


bitcoin simpson intro

2. La “Liberté guidant le peuple”

This is a painting by Eugène Delacroix commemorating the July Revolution of 1830.

In this image the Youl Design company adapted the original painting creating a new image where the woman – who personify the Liberty – holds the Bitcoin flag.


Liberté guidant le peuple bitcoin

3. Comics about Bitcoin.

You can follow @rkirkpatrick01 on Twitter to share more hilarious and ironic comics.


bitcoin comics

4. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Infographics

By using the #bitcoineducation hashtag you can read more interesting and insightful infographics about Bitcoin that HolyTransaction shares every day for your pleasure.


Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies Infographics

5. PhotoBTC

Through Bitcoin you can pay for lots of services, including photos.

So, at this point we talk about a different item related to Bitcoin and images.

PhotoBTC is a new marketplace where you can buy images and design about several categories including architecture, people, technology, animals, etc.

bitcoin cat

6. Bitcoin vs Donald Trump

Recently we read lots of articles and tweets about the Bitcoin and Donal Trump.

In fact, Trump wants to ban money transfers to Mexico, and this move could have a huge benefit for Bitcoin adoption in America.

This is the reason why Genesis Mining created a banner to drive awareness for the cause.

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