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5 Amazing Movies about Bitcoin

Bitcoin and movies: a good chance for the cryptocurrency reputation? 

There are lots of documentaries or short movies that aim at explaining how Bitcoin works, from Bitcoin: the end of money as we know it to The rise and the rise of Bitcoin, just to quote the most popular.
As you might know, also some great tv series such as C.I.S. Cyber, The Good Wife, Almost Human, decided to dedicate at least one of their episodes to the cryptocurrency, but they tend to talk about Bitcoin in a negative way, linking it to criminals and illegal activities. 
One thing is sure: Bitcoin reputation is an issue. 
That’s why today we want to let you know that there are lots of tv series and movies that quote Bitcoin as it is, without putting it under a negative light.

Morgan Spurlock – Inside Man (Episode 3×5)

During this episode Morgan tries to live one week using only Bitcoin, to test if the world could be ready for this digital currency transformation. 
With all of the misinformation and misunderstandings on bitcoin, Spurlock wants to determine pros and cons of the cryptocurrency and what effects it can have on the worldwide economy.

Life on Bitcoin

Austin and Beccy Craig
filmed their adventures as they decided to live for 100+ days relying only on bitcoin as a method of payment (exception made for urgent medical reasons).

You can read a review of this documentary here.

Also, Life on Bitcoin inspired Felix Weis, a young programmer who did the same for one year. 

The Simpsons 

the simpsons bitcoin

Recently we already talked about this episode of The Simpsons in this article, but we want to quote it again as it is very curious.
During the episode titled Clown in the Dumps there is a big poster showing James Corky Jones saying, “Send me your lunch money online! – Accepting Bitcoin”.

HBO Silicon Valley

During the first season, one of the coders of the team would like to be paid in bitcoin. 


jeopardy on bitcoin

During the American tv show Jeopardy, the host asks what is Bitcoin, only mentioning it as being a digital decentralized currency.

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