HolyTransaction FAQ: frequently asked questions and answers

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HolyTransaction FAQ: frequently asked questions and answers

HolyTransaction FAQ and Support Center. Before sending us an email, please read our HolyTransaction FAQ below.

You might find the answer you need.

HolyTransaction FAQ

How can I open my wallet?

It’s easy and free to open an account. Visit HolyTransaction.com, click “sign up”, fill out the form, and log in. Then you may want to add funds to your account.

Click “balance” in the main menu and deposit your favorite digital currencies.

How can I show a new wallet?

If you want to add a new digital currency to your wallet, you just need to visit the balance page and then click on the plus button to add more wallets to your account.

What’s the minimum deposit amount?

We don’t have a minimum for incoming deposits. However, in order to withdraw your coins, you need to meet our fees. So please read our fees list below.

Are there fees for using HolyTransaction?

We charge fees only for withdrawals and transactions to other wallets. There are no fees for deposits. For withdrawals, there is a transaction fee required by each network as indicated on our withdrawal page. Also, here you can read a full list of transaction fees.

How can I get a coin listed on HolyTransaction?

We don’t have a definitive set of criteria as each project is unique. We listen to the community and select projects that we believe are unique, innovative, and that our users would be interested in trading. Please send us an email with the info about your coin.

Can I change the email address associated with my account?

You cannot change the email address that was used to create your account at the time of registration. If you are no longer able to access the email account for any reason, please open a support ticket by sending us an email.

Does HolyTransaction have an API?

Yes, and you can check our APIs here.

How many addresses can my account have?

You can create only one address per digital currency.

How quickly are outgoing payments processed?

We make payment instantly, however, each transaction usually needs some time to gain a minimal number of confirmations. Minimum confirmations required varies in every wallet and website.

Can I use HolyTransaction address to play crypto dice games or to mine?

Your deposit address is bound to your account forever. All deposits made to this address will be added to your account balance. However, we don’t guarantee that coins will reside at this address. Due to our system architecture and security measures, coins will be moved to other addresses shortly after deposit, but it does not affect your account balance.

You can still spend all your money anytime.

Should I use HolyTransaction as my only wallet?

We use advanced security mechanisms. However, it is important to take additional steps to ensure that your login details remain protected from users other than yourself.

How do I know my coins will be safe?

We use multiple layers of security:
– cold storage backups
– 2-factor authentication
– regular security audits

Also, we added a new tool we call “the padlock” (you can read more about it hereand other exciting things that are currently in development.

Where do I obtain my two-factor authentication code?

You need Google Authenticator application in order to obtain a two-factor authentication code. Click here to read the step-by-step guide to set it up.

I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

Automatic password recovery is unavailable at this point. Send an email to [email protected] from the mailbox that you have used for signup and we’ll recover it manually.

Do you have a tesnet/UAT version?

We don’t support testnet. Use small amounts of money for test purposes. You can always withdraw them.

When are you going to offer feature X? I would like to access my wallet in my language, can you add it? How can I contribute?

We encourage you to use our feedback widget to ask about features and report bugs. We are implementing them according to demand. Feel free to contact us via email if you want to help with translation or something else.

Do you have a donate button for linking to user’s payment URLs?

Not yet.

Why don’t I see “Exchange” page?

Due to regulatory constraints, we don’t provide the exchange for US residents and customers that currently located in the United States.

If you have questions that you would like to be answered, submit them to our support center.

I made a wrong transaction. Can you refund it?

Due to the nature of the decentralized networks we cannot refund any transaction.

Can you disable my 2fa? I cannot have access to my Google Authenticator App.

Yes, we can do it. Please send us an email at [email protected] from the same email you use to login into your wallet. We will disable your OTP in 1 week in order to respect our security standard.

How can I delete my account?

Please send us an email from the same email you use for your acccount. According to GDPR regulation, we will delete your account as soon as possible.

Can I increase my daily limit for transactions and withdrawals?

Sure, please read this guide.

Why has my account been locked?

It could happen if your padlock is active. Please read this guide to deactivate it.

How can I exchange my cryptocurrencies?

If you need to convert your digital currencies into fiat currencies, login into your wallet and visit the “Funding” section.

If you need to convert your crypto into another crypto, please follow this guide.

What is Flyp.me?

Flyp.me is our latest project for your accountless exchange. Read more here.

Open your free digital wallet here to store your cryptocurrencies in a safe place.

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