Does Dogecoin have the most active community?

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Does Dogecoin have the most active community?

Dogecoin, one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency has come a long way since it was first launched as a joke in December 2013. Its growth trajectory has been magnificently fast and the question that many Dogecoin fans have in mind is as follow: Is Dogecoin now the cryptocurrency with the most active community base?
Let’s try to answer these questions by looking at some community statistics with the help of CoinGecko. For this exercise, I will just compare Bitcoin against Dogecoin since from CoinGecko, it is fairly obvious that all the other altcoins are class below Dogecoin.
Based on subscriber count, at time of writing, /r/dogecoin has 87878 subscribers while /r/bitcoin has 122885 subscribers. It seems like Dogecoin is 72% of Bitcoin’s subscriber count.
To look deeper into the involvement of Redditors just in case either of the coin bought some fake subscribers, we will count the average number of new posts and comments per hour that made it to the front page of the coin’s subreddit. The logic behind this is as follow: if there is a high subscriber count but no “real people” following the coin’s subreddit, there will be very little new posts and comments on the front page of the subreddit. So the post and comment count will be a good measure of community activity.
We can see that Dogecoin is pretty much on par with Bitcoin with 2.41 new hot posts versus 2.45 for Bitcoin.
As for comments, Dogecoin portefeuille has 161 compared to Bitcoin’s 266 per hour. These values change quite drastically of course and I have seen Dogecoin average comments per hour reaching well over 1000 on a good day. Some may argue that this is probably because of Dogetipbot but I would say any coin is free to create their own tip bot and use tipping as a community tool.
Lastly, CoinGecko also measures number of Active Online Subscribers on the coin’s subreddit. For this, Bitcoin is a clear winner with 960 users over 390 users for Dogecoin.
Verdict: I would call this a slight win for Bitcoin
It is hard to get activity numbers for Facebook other than the Page Likes. Bitcoin has 22450 Likes versus 63380 Likes for Dogecoin.
To analyse further, it may be plausible to count the number of Pages and Groups that have the word “Bitcoin” and “Dogecoin” but this exercise would be much harder to measure.
Verdict: A clear win for Dogecoin
Measuring the follower count of the Twitter accounts of Dogecoin and Bitcoin, we will see that @dogecoin has 165084 followers compared to @bitcoin with 54747. Using this as the only measure we can say that this will point to a clear win for Dogecoin
Using Topsy to compare the number of tweets for Dogecoin and Bitcoin, we will see that Bitcoin has almost 8.5 times more tweets compared to Dogecoin
Verdict: I would give this to Bitcoin because Bitcoin’s Twitter activity is far superior compared to Dogecoin’s.
Searching “bitcoin” on Google gave me 31.8 million results while searching “dogecoin” gave me 4.63 million results.
Using Google Trends, I can also see the trend on the number of Google searches for “bitcoin” and “dogecoin”. Again Bitcoin is a clear winner – people worldwide are more interested to find out about Bitcoin.
Verdict: A clear win for Bitcoin
This would be tricky to evaluate. Bitcoin has Bitcointalk as the official forum while Dogecoin has a few forums such as Discuss Dogecoin and
Bitcointalk now has 7260963 Posts in 310688 Topics by 327403 Members. has 51499 Posts in 9245 Topics by 11028 Members.
Verdict: A clear win for Bitcoin
I’m afraid to say that this is indeed true, fellow shibes. We are not the #1 cryptocurrency yet but we are catching up very fast with Bitcoin. On CoinGecko, we have beaten all the other altcoins in terms of community but we must not be complacent and work harder to be reach out to more people and help Dogecoin be the cryptocurrency with the best community!
Bobby is the co-founder of CoinGecko, a cryptocurrency ranking website that looks at various metrics beyond market capitalization such as community involvement, developer activity and trading liquidity.

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