McShibe! McDonalds Dogecoin burger approved for judging

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McShibe! McDonalds Dogecoin burger approved for judging

Back in May, the Dogecoin community decided to take advantage of a competition McDonalds was hosting and tried to add a Dogecoin themed burger to the McDonalds menu. The competition is simple: design a burger online, pick the ingredients, and name it. The top voted burgers would be selected for judging and the winning burgers would sold in McDonalds restaurants for a week.

Early Troubles

Initially, multiple variations of the “Dogecoin” burger were submitted for entry. Examples include the McDogecoin, the McDoge, and the Doge Burger. Despite having been voted to the top, McDonalds had to remove most of these entries due to the name. In hindsight, this decision makes a lot of sense. Some customers (especially those who aren’t aware of the Doge meme) would find it very strange if McDonalds started selling “Doge” burgers all of a sudden.


Of all the entries, the McShibe burger was the most tame and an announcement earlier today disclosed that McDonalds had selected the burger and invited the contestant to the kitchen.


The judging will be held on June 29th and 11 other finalists will be invited. Of these 11, judges will select the top 5. These top 5 burgers will be made available on the UK McDonalds menu for a period of one week each.


Well — I guess we can add this to the eternal list of amazing things Dogecoin has done. It remains to be seen whether or not the judges will actually select the burger (or how good it actually tastes). Hopefully one of the judges is secretly a Shibe.

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