George Soros sells out of J.P. Morgan, Bank of America, Citigroup …. time for Bitcoin?

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George Soros sells out of J.P. Morgan, Bank of America, Citigroup …. time for Bitcoin?

(BitcoinOwl) According
to several news sources billionaire George Soros recently sold nearly
all of his bank stocks, including shares of JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup,
and Goldman Sachs. Between the three banks, Soros sold more than a
million shares. Billionaire John Paulson dumped 14 million shares of
JPMorgan Chase (appr. 750 million dollars). Other billionaires are pulling out of US stocks too.
We can only speculate about the reasons why this is happening but
surely there is a growing discomfort about the all time high levels of
stock market prices. Some are expecting a massive correction. Even if
there is no good reason for it, fear could make such predictions a
reality.At BitcoinOwl we of course speculate that the growing success of
crypto currencies and their promise to revolutionize the financial and
other systems could be a factor as well. Just like email threatened the
business model of the postal services and file sharing scared the music
labels, crypto currencies without a doubt cause some anxiety to
financial institutions who see Bitcoin as a competitor instead of an
opportunity to reinvent themselves.

It may take years before Bitcoin makes any noticeable dent in
Citigroup’s profits, but Bitcoin’s existence alone raises some
uncertainty about the future of such financial institutions and their
profit margins. Some players like Western Union have already been forced
to drop their fees drastically in response to Bitcoin’s extremely low
transaction fees.

The question is where does all that money pulled out of the stock
market will go? Many investors like Kevin O’Leary publicly said that
they’ve put a few percents of their money into Bitcoin already. His
Bitcoins were without a doubt his best performing asset in 2013. It’s
likely that most billionaires pulling out of the stock market will put a
small part of their wealth into crypto currencies as it’s highly
independent from other assets which is important for healthy

Let’s just see how much money are we talking about. Let’s assume only
a fraction of those stock dollars will be funnelled into cryptos. Half
percent of NYSE’s total market cap is 83 billion dollars.

If 70% of that 0.5% would flow into Bitcoin it would increase BTC’s
market capital 7 fold raising the price of Bitcoin to over $5,000. If
10% of it went to Litecoin it would increase LTC’s market capital by 13
times raising the price to $325. And we’re talking about just 0.5% of
one stock exchange in the world.

Potentially it is also possible that the crash of stock market prices
will scare crypto currency investors too. Although, it’s hard for me to
find a plausible reason why this would happen.

It will be interesting to see how the predicted decline in the stock
market will influence the valuation of the popular crypto currencies.

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