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Kim DotCom Bitcoin: video streaming with crypto payments

Kim Dotcom bitcoin -related project is a new platform where users can sell files and video streaming by using the most famous digital currency.

Dubbed “Bitcontent”, Kim Dotcom presented his new venture in a video posted on Twitter this week.

While he is fighting extradition to the United States for criminal copyright charges because of its now-defunct streaming site Megaupload, the German entrepreneur continues his bitcoin-related platform, explaining:

“You can create a payment for any content that you put on the internet. You can share that with your customers, with the interest community and, boom, you are basically in business and can sell your content.”

He added that Bitcontent would allow both private users and companies to earn money from their websites.

Unfortunately the Kim Dotcom bitcoin platform has not a launch date yet.

Also, Dotcom hasn’t provide any details on how Bitcontent would be different from existing Bitcoin platforms or how it would help magazines and companies to earn money through its subscription payment options.


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Amelia Tomasicchio