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HolyTransaction launches an ICO for Accountless Exchange

HolyTransaction, one of the oldest multicurrency wallet on the cryptocurrency market, announces an ICO to fund Flyp.me, a new accountless exchange.


Flyp.me is an innovative way to enable anyone to have benefits from an accountless service: no registration is required to exchange the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world.

The exchange empowers worldwide users to trade their digital currencies and tokens while earning a percentage of fees of each trade under the Flyp.me accountless exchange.


Flyp.me allows any FYP token owners to access shares of the profits generated by the platform from fees: a portion of profit fees per trade on the Flyp.me exchange will be distributed to ETH addresses with FYP on a periodical basis.

The purpose of the FYP Tokens is to enable the owners to participate in part of the profits from the fees of the Flyp.me platform and its API by owning FYP Tokens, this will also include the possibility to allow the FYP tokens owners to join the distributed governance model of the Flyp.me platform.

All token owners will receive proportional profits from the platform, and those with a certain minimum of tokens will have additional benefits. All token holders will have the option to propose/vote for features with the stake of their tokens.

FYP Tokens are ERC20-based Ethereum tokens. Each and every FYP Token is equal to each other and has exactly the same qualities, properties, and characteristics. After the ICO period will end, no additional FYP Tokens will be created for any reason whatsoever.

Pre-Sale and ICO

The FYP tokens will be available in two separate rounds, the pre-Sale and the ICO. The pre-Sale period will start on July 10th 2017 at 15.00 UTC and will end the day before the ICO starts (September 6th).

The ICO period will start on September 7th, 2017 at 15.00 UTC and will end on September 21st 2017 at 15.00 UTC.

When Hidden-Hard-Cap is reached, the ICO will end three hours after the Hidden-Hard-Cap threshold is reached.

Token prices and metrics

FYP Tokens will be available for purchase by using Ethereum Smart Contract during the ICO.

During the Pre-Sale, users will be able to use other cryptocurrencies from the Flyp.me Token Sale page or you can query us for a private deposit account if you wish.

You can use the Token Sale page or your HolyTransaction Wallet, otherwise, be prepared to sign with the private keys of the address you sent your funds from to prove your ownership.

The final conversion rate from ETH to FYP Tokens will be published on the Flyp.me website as the presale begins.
During the Pre-Sale, FYP Tokens will be offered with a preferred ratio and with a minimum of 21% bonus to HolyTransaction registered users.

The total (100%) of FYP Tokens created will consist of the sum of the Pre-Sale ones plus the ICO ones and the ones assigned to the Flyp.me Platform itself. The percentage of the FYP Tokens assigned to the Flyp.me Platform is variable (as detailed below) and depends on reaching the Soft-Cap or Hidden-Hard-Cap at the end of the ICO period or not.

Benefits of FYP Tokens

Each and every FYP Token participates in the net fee profits generated by the Flyp.me Platform.

50% of the Flyp.me Platform total net fees’ profits will be periodically sent to the addresses that hold the FYP Tokens.

Once the FYP Tokens are distributed, you will be free to transfer and exchange them. On the more, by being able to sign with your holding keys, you will receive some additional benefits.

Being the owner of a certain number of FYP Tokens (exact number to be later disclosed), will enable the FYP Token owner to benefit from additional features of the Flyp.me Platform that will be better defined and implemented in future stages. Such features include, for example, the ability to vote, to submit proposals and so on.

Read more about Flyp.me and FYP tokens on our official channel on Bitcoin talk or on the official Flyp.me website.


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Amelia Tomasicchio