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Uber accepts Bitcoin in Argentina

uber accepts bitcoin
The Argentinian department of the ridesharing giant Uber accepts Bitcoin. 
To do so, Uber starts a partnership with Xapo, a startup that will help Uber users to accept bitcoin debit cards during their domestic and abroad travels. 
This project was announced this week through a Twitter post published by Uber Argentina, even if it has now been deleted for unknown reasons. 

Uber accepts Bitcoin to fight against Government

This decision came when Argentinian government blocked Uber credit cards, after a police raid in the houses of the individuals suspected to be connected to the Uber company. 
A Xapo spokesperson explained that the company exploits this event to propose its service to Uber, to allow its users to load debit cards with bitcoin. 
Anni Rautio, product manager at Xapo, explained:
“This is a win for all local Uber users and drivers, and for Uber as a company, as they are able to continue operations in Argentina through Xapo’s Debit Card. It’s also great news for bitcoin: it’s one step closer to seeing mainstream companies adopt bitcoin.”
This partnership started last week, and Xapo has already experienced a growth in interest for its debit card service.
Even if it is not sure that this news will allow the increase of the use of bitcoin in the country, a local magazine reports that 550,000 users downloaded the ridesharing app.

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