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Universities can have their own Bitcoin Nodes thanks to BSafe

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Several researchers want to encourage universities to set up bitcoin nodes to allow students and teachers to work and test the blockchain.
This private testbed network is called BSafe and it aims at helping the Bitcoin technology proliferate and preventing hacker attacks.
“Most developers in this world think that bitcoin’s fundamental cryptographic algorithm is ideal and can be used as a black box,” explained to Coindesk Shin’ichiro Matsuo, co-founder of the BSafe network.

How universities can have their own Bitcoin Nodes thanks to BSafe

BSave will provide a communication channel between universities and Bitcoin Core developers on the several testnets, or the alternative blockchains used for doing tests.
Created in February, the network has five nodes deployed in Japan, UK and another set up by MIT.
Matsuo wants to have a group of 30 university nodes within the end of 2016; also he aims at setting up three university nodes per country in the next future.
“Right now the community is a meritocracy and the majority of it is based on whether you can code,” said Bitcoin Core developer Cory Fields. 
According to Fields, several groups of nodes would be able to measure things that have been difficult to study before.

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