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Ernst & Young Blockchain Startup Challenge: send your idea

The well-known company Ernst & Young revealed a new startup contest held in London, to “explore how blockchain technology can tackle challenges in digital rights management and energy trading.”
This is the third Startup Challenge organized by the firm, but it is the first related to the distributed ledger, with a focus on Digital Rights Management (DRM) as “Media companies are looking to improve their investments in content,” the firm explained, “make better use of their current assets and better assess risks.”

How the Ernst & Young Blockchain Startup Challenge works

“We are looking for startups using blockchain that have a beta product launched, have some seed funding, and are looking for access to clients and customers in order to continue to grow and develop. If you are one of these startups, we would love to hear from you”, explained Jamie Qiu., Founder of the Ernst & Young Startup Challenge.
Ernst & Young started accepting applications on July 11 and the deadline is August 14.
The company will award six startups and they will begin the challenge on September 12.
“We will work with the startups over six weeks to refine their product and produce prototypes to pilot with us and our clients. We are looking for blockchain startups with the ambition and drive to take on this challenge, in an area they may not have considered before.”, as you can read on the official challenge post.
The program will end on October 20, when the startups will demonstrate their blockchain applications and they will produce prototypes.

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