CryptoMixer or how to protect your privacy

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CryptoMixer or how to protect your privacy


Cryptomixer is a Bitcoin mixer that provides very effective and cheap Bitcoin mixing for anyone looking for extra security.
CryptoMixer has a reserve of bitcoins that is around 1800 BTC  (you can find proof of solvency here).
This way you can also mix a large amount of bitcoin and assume that a large reserve guarantee you always a top service. This is especially useful for managed security services, as CryptoMixer provides this with low and customizeable fees.
In addition to all of this, Cryptomixer has many customizeable things, such as a delay. Delay allows you to prevent time-based analysis.
CryptoMixer also has provided a convenient calculator for you to estimate how much bitcoin you should send when you decide to mix your bitcoins. Many sites doesn’t offer calculators and ask for you to pay at the very last stage, which can be frustrating as you may not have the right amount of bitcoin.
In addition to all of this, CryptoMixer does not keep any transaction logs, and they’re destroyed after 24 hours to ensure nobody can get their hands on it. While it’s not likely that the site could get hacked, if it does, you’ll have a good chance that the previous mixes you’ve had will not be on their record, and so Cryptomixer has put up yet another extra layer of security systems.
CryptoMixer has great reputation in the Bitcoin community, and if you still don’t trust them, you can verify a signed message that they have provided to make sure their reserves are truly 1800 and that the message is legitimate.
If you want to verify, the address is this: 1CrypMixXWtTjYGCM5ZJmyQYP1Y39P7aLM

Support experience

Support is one of the main priority of in way to ensure a great experience to its customers. You can contact support simply by clicking a button. Then, a window will be opened and you can easily contact an agent that will assist you in a really great way ! also have a Referral program that allows you to earn some bitcoins to each person that you’ll refer on their site ! 
As site says “Get 50% profit from all exchanges done by your referrals-with no time limits.”, so, you can easily earn a good amount of BTC if you have a blog where you can advertise it !
Features: is going to open other mixing service also to other coin such as Ethereum and many exciting news is going to come !

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