Australian Postal service will use blockchain

Australian Postal service will use blockchain


Australian Postal service will use blockchain applications to solve problems related to identity. 
According to a recent report published by ZDNet, the Postal Service wants to create a private blockchain to be used for accreditation and e-voting.
The company revealed this project back in March, when CEO Ahmed Fahour explained use cases related to digital identity.
Also, a partner for the Australia Post Accelerator, Rick Wingfield, explained that the distributed ledger could help the government to verify identities. 
These are Wingfield’s words during the Technology in Governance conference last week:

“If we’re going to successfully digitize the economy and the hard parts of the economy that haven’t been digitized yet … the hard things like health, education and government services, those things require trust. If we’re going to digitize some of those things, then we need to know someone is who they say they are.”

Australian Government supports the Blockchain

This project came after the news that Australian government wants to support the blockchain.
The government, in fact, published a statement earlier this year where explains its intention to simplify laws for Fintech companies and to end the double taxation for bitcoin transactions.

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