Who Are The Under Banked?

A quick look at the people who need digital currency the most:

Far Away Friends
sending money to friends and family around the world is expensive, slow, and complicated;

Millennial & Post-Millennial Youth
modern generations have grown suspicious of centralized authority, leading them to alternatives when tending to fiscal matters;

The Credit Afflicted
Individuals responsible for unwieldy amounts of debt are often unable to retain bank accounts with financial institutions;

The Residentially Displaced
Families who have lost their homes often rely on the kindness of others to survive, and are many times unwelcome at banking institutions.

Developing Economies
Members of countries with a per-capita income of less than $13000 are unlikely to have access to financial services.

Oppressed Nations
Countries in which citizenry are suffering under oppressive regimes are often limited when securing their personal finances.