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Unicef Blockchain Startup: new details

Today we talk about the new Unicef Blockchain Startup.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), in fact, decided to invest in a South African startup related to the blockchain.

In February UNICEF revealed that its decision to fund projects focused on the distributed ledger thanks a new innovation fund created in 2015.

At the time, UNICEF explained it was interested in investing in the areas of digital identity and remittances, but later UNICEF decided to hire a person on blockchain.

Right now, the association is starting to fund companies in areas that support its mission to promote child and family welfare.

UNICEF invested in several startups, including 9Needs, which uses the blockchain to develop identity features for children’s education.

9Needs will receive about $100,000 in investment, which will be used to scale the platform already developed by the startup.

Chris Fabian of UNICEF’s Office of Innovation Ventures explained that the organization decided to fund 9Needs as it promotes social progress.

“The sense of the company we got of the company, in talks with them, they seem like a really cohesive group of people using a sophisticated technology to solve a pressing set of problems.”

Read more about UNICEF Blockchain Startup Investment by clicking here.


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Amelia Tomasicchio

UNICEF Blockchain to improve child welfare

UNICEF is looking for a software developer and consultant to develop and lead its blockchain project.
The United Nations Children’s Fund, in fact, revelaed how the organization wants to use the distributed ledger to improve child welfare worldwide.

Unicef Blockchain

To do so, UNICEF published a sheet where the fund explains that it is looking for new experts to improve its “research, consulting and prototyping applications for humanitarian purposes”.
UNICEF also has projects focused on identity and remittances. 
Dana Zucker commented to Coindesk:

“We want to grow our knowledge and thinking, so we want to bring someone on who can help lead the charge on thinking, researching and creating use cases for how blockchain will play a role in UNICEF’s work.”
The role will help developing blockchain applications, including a commitment to funding startups
The profile will work in New York with a 11 months contract and he/she will support the blockchain, together with MagicBox, the Innovation Fund Site and IOGT &uReport. 

How to apply to the UNICEF Blockchain project

Interested and suitable candidates are requested to send their applications with Subject “Software Developer, Consultant” to [email protected] on or before 10 August 2016.

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